What is Technical SEO | How to do Technical SEO 2021

What is Technical SEO | How to do Technical SEO 2021 : Friends, if you know that What is Technical SEO 2021, then you may have heard something about Technical SEO too. Hearing the name of Technical SEO, most of us think that maybe it will be too hard and it will have to be very technical or someone has to order.

Technical Reality in Reality is not so hard as we think and I have written this article for you to make it more easy. After which you will not have to worry about your Technical SEO again. So friends know What is Technical SEO and How to do Technical SEO 2021.

What is SEO?

Friends SEO has a full form: – Search Engine Optimization. The term was used in 1997 by an industry analyst and credited to Bruice Clay, one of the people who popularized the term SEO. Friends, in the era of this digital world, often people do Google search to find solutions to their problems, after searching, about 80% people visit the posts coming on the 1st page and find their answers.

What is Technical SEO 2021
What is Technical SEO 2021

There are thousands, millions of posts made on the same topic or title in Google, but Google’s algorithm is such that in the millions of posts, who learns the post in the top 3 page, the post ranks better. Actually Google’s algorithm is about SEO, according to a research, 80% of people prefer to read the post on Google’s 1st page, but people do not like going to the 2nd or 3rd pages, according to an analysis 93% of people Do not like to go further than Google’s 3rd Page.

Friends, now you can guess yourself that if you want to stay in the Blog Competition, then you have to stay within the top 3 pages of Google and that is why SEO of Blog has to be done. The post on Google’s 1st page is SEO Friendly, a professional blogger pays full attention to SEO while writing a post, so he is always ahead of other blogger and his post always gets ranked.

In simple words, those who blogger write their blog or post as SEO friendly, keep the website optimized according to Google, their websites always rank.

What is Technical SEO?

After Friends On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, what is considered very hard and important is the technical SEO of your blog which has a big effect on your blog or website. Easy means of technical SEO means to make some such changes in your blog and server i.e. optimizing them so that the search engine can understand it with Easel.

The more search engines can understand your blog, the more your chances of getting Search Ranking Improvement will be.

Why Technical SEO is important?

Friends, every blogger should do technical SEO for his blog or website because bad technical SEO can also spoil the ranking of your blog or website. And from the point of view of Google, he wants to provide good results to his users! He wants every user to get the answer to his question right and get fast.

In such a situation, ranking the best blog becomes both important and compulsion of Google. A blog that is loading quickly, which is mobile friendly, which is with the right and reliable article, Google needs to be ranked. Therefore, if you do not fix the technical SEO of your blog and instead of helping Google, you will confuse it more, then Google is not going to rank you.

How to do technical SEO?

Friends, according to every blog or website, the need for technical SEO changes a bit, but I have written this article for you, which is important in everything from blogs to all websites. And you can be sure about the technical SEO of your blog or websites by following them.

But before starting, it is important that you configure your blog with Google Search Console, it is absolutely free and also very important for Technical SEO. Then you know: –

1. Structure of Blog or Website

Friends, how a blog or website represents its online users by making their online content such as images, videos, products, blogs and pages and posts, it is called structuring the content of the blog i.e. creating a blog or website structure and ECommerce Websites Always uses hierarchical structure in which there are no more than 3 Levels.

Hierarchical Structure

Friends, in easy Word, when a users land on HOMEPAGE, then they do not have to take more than 3 clicks till they reach the product pages, such blog or website structure is called Hierarchical structure. That is, how to separate pages, categories and posts of your blog so that users can understand it easily, it is called making blog structure. Now, with the good structure of Blog, Technical SEO has these benefits: –

What is Technical SEO 2021
What is Technical SEO 2021
  • Your users are the only people through whom you monetize the content of your blog! Therefore, it is important that your users understand the structure of your blog and can easily find the content they want to see. Therefore, the correct structure of the blog or website helps you in this.
  • And due to a better blog or website structure, search engine crawlers are able to crawl your blog pages better. Good crawling is good ranked buses.
  • If you make the structure of your blog good and easy, then you also have its benefits. Whenever you have to edit a content page, you will be able to find and edit it easily.

2. Sitemaps

Friends, a sitemap file is a list of your web pages, videos, images and other files that tells Google crawlers their relationship. Like when one of your web pages was last updated, you added a new page to your website, what is the language of that web page, etc.

Also, the entry of an image in the sitemap tells the crawlers what the image is about, what is its license, what is its type, etc. Even if you do not create a sitemap and add it to your website, Google can still crawl most of your content and understand that adding sitemap increases the quality of crawling.

How to check and create a sitemap?

Friends, if you are a WordPress user, then you do not need to do the tension because WordPress automatically generates sitemap. If your Blog is on HTML, then you will have to manually generate a sitemap and upload it to the root directory of your website and for this you can also see tutorials on YouTube.

To check the sitemap of your blog, go directly to the root directory of your blog and see if there is a file named sitemal.xml or not, then you should enter the sitemap. Friends, if you are a wordpress user and want to find your sitemap, then read the official blog of this Yoast. If your website is on HTML, you can go to xml.sitemaps to create a Sitemap.

3. Loading Speed

Friends Blog or Website Loading Speed ​​is a ranking factor in the eyes of Google. If the loading speed of your blog is working and the users are not able to interact with your articles quickly, then you may not have much trouble in ranking.

You can use Google’s page speed insights tool to do loading speed of blog or website. Friends, you just have to enter the URL of your blog or website and click on the Analyze button. Now this tool will tell you where your blog or website needs to make enhancements so that its speed can be improved.

And the speed of your blog or website should be better on mobile devices because more than 60% of the world’s Searches are on mobile devices only. Now to increase the loading speed of your blog or website, you can talk to your developer and if your blog or website is on any CMS platforms like WordPress, then you can improve the speed to some extent by watching the tutorials on YouTube is. Friends, the 2 biggest issues in WordPress due to which the speed of blog or website is slow is:

  • Web Hosting: – Friends, you can take any cloud hosting which will not slow down your speed, I am using Cloud service of Siteground in my area. But you can also use Bluehost.
  • Template: – Friends, if you are a Blogger, then I would recommend that you use Generate Press Theme, it is a light light and SEO-friendly Templates.

4. 404 Errors

Friends 404 not found error is a client-side error that is assumed when a link is mistyped. In Easy Word, when we request to go to a link but the server does not get it, then we see 404 not found error.

This happens when a blog owner intentionally or accidentally deletes a page from his blog but forgets to redirect it or remove it from SERP. Friends, such pages do not harm your SEO directly but indirectly and when a user clicks on one of your pages in SERP and lands on your blog and he sees a 404 error there because you deleted that page in error. But forgot to remove from SERP.

In such a situation, the trust of users on your blog will decrease. Therefore, it is important for you to fix all the 404 not found pages of your blog.

How to check 404 Errors?

Friends, by going to your Search Console, you can see your 404 error pages and fix them. To see 404 errors pages, you open Search Console – go to Coverage option – go to Errors.

Now here you will get the Lists of your 404 not found pages. Friends, this section about me is empty because there is no 404 error page on my blog.

5. SSL Certificate

Friends, any search engine does not want to send malicious files or malware to its users’ browsers, for this, search engines prefer ranking those blogs or websites that are secure with SSL.

Now SSL means secured socket layer and it is used to establish an encrypted link between the web server and the client browser. In easy world, SSL creates an Encrypted Link, through which the files of your blog are secured in your users’ browser. With this, the Browser of the users also remains secure and Search Engines also increases the trust of your blog or website.

Also, the chances of getting a better rank increases to https blog or website i.e. SSL Integrated Websites.

6. Browser Compatibility

Friends, any users see a blog through their browser. Each browser presents your blog in a slightly different way to a users. Therefore, friends, you have not worked as hard to design your blog, it is important that your blog be visible to every users in the same way.

What is Technical SEO 2021
What is Technical SEO 2021

In such a situation, Google believes that you should check in different browsers while creating your blog without relying on browsers. Also, while writing a blog, you should write Time Clean HTML codes because if you or your developer has not written clean codes and your blog is showing properly in a browser, then it will not necessarily show the fix in every browser.

So friends, check your blog or website in more and more browsers and if you are not a developer or cannot order then you should go to wordpress.

7. Canonical URLs

Friends, when a page can be accessed by more than one urls or has the same content on more than one page, then Google considers it as Duplicate content. In such a situation, Google considers the same copy to be original or canonical and crawl.

The Duplicate content problem is most commonly found in eCommerce Website because they write the same content after creating different versions of the same product and correcting the canonical page goes wrong.

8. Redirections

Friends, the most commonly used redirections in SEO are 301 Permanent Redirection and another 302 Temporary Redirection. But keeping the technical SEO in mind, the one that you have to focus on the most is 301 Permanent Redirection because it can save your website from Duplicate Content Issue. A website can have 4 versions such as these 4 types of EDMFEED: –

  1. http://bloggingchoice.com
  2. http://www.bloggingchoice.com
  3. https://www.bloggingchoice.com
  4. https://bloggingchoice.com

Friends, Google considers all these four different types of the same blog and you may have to face duplicate Content Problems. So friends, you should redirect all your blog or website versions to just one Secure version (https) using Permanent 301 Redirection. You can redirect to www version or non-www version, but it is important that you redirect to https type only.

How to check in Versions Google Database?

Friends, you have to go to Google and run some queries so that you can see whether all the versions of your blog or website are redirected to one version or not. So anytime you have to check which pages of your blog or website have been indexed in Google’s database, then you easily run this query.

  • site: siteurl

For example, I will do this query for my website like this. Now we will change this query a bit and see which pages of our website are indexed in Google’s database which should not have been there but should have been redirected to a version.

  • site: siteurl inurl: www

Friends, for example, I ran this query for my blog EDMFEED to see how many pages of my blog are indexed in Google, whose url has www. Google has not shown any page, that is, any page with www version is not indexed in its database, so it means I have redirected these www pages of my website elsewhere.

  • site: siteurl -inurl: https

Friends, for example, we will run this query again on EDMFEED to see how many such pages of this website are indexed in Google which did not have https. Here (-) minus means those pages which do not have that thing i.e. pages which do not have https. Friends, Google showed us here 3 pages which are indexed but it is without https.

Because I cannot get the privacy policy page to be ranked, I can request it for removal by going to the webmaster so that Google will remove it from our database. I just have to copy the URL of that page. Friends, by running such queries, you can see which pages of your blog are indexed and which pages you have to redirect.

And in my I have redirected all the versions to non-www version and you can also do redirection by looking at your web hosting tutorials or wordpress tutorials.

9. Broken Links

Friends, when a user lands on your blog or website and after that he tries to open a linked page, but the server shows 404 error. So they are called dead links or dead links or link rots. Friends, there can be many reasons for having broken links on a blog or website, some of which are given below: –

  • Wrong link from Blog Owner.
  • And because of changing the structure of the blog, urls change and forget to redirect them.
  • If a blog is hyperlinked then its closure.
  • And affiliate links expire.

How to check Broken Links?

Friends, you can use Google Search Console to find Broken Links, which will tell you in the coverage section that there is no broken link on your blog. But Search Console only tells about internal broken links and not about external broken links.

Therefore, you can use tools that will make your work easier. These are some tools by which you can audit your blog or website and check broken links: –

Friends, use free tools but trust Paid Tools only.

How to fix Broken Links?

Friends, there are only 2 ways to fix broken links after using the tools given above:

  1. Replace with the correct links: – Friends, you have to go and replace all the links manually with the wokring links.
  2. Remove the links:- Friends, if you feel that the work can be done without those links, then remove it.

If you feel that there are too many pages on your blog or website, due to which the broken links are too much. Friends, you can pay someone to do this work by visiting Freelance Websites like Fiverr.

10. Mobile Usability

Friends, as we know that more than 60% of the Searches are on mobile devices in the whole world, in such a way, Google gives priority to those sites in its SERP which are Mobile Friendly.

What is Technical SEO 2021
What is Technical SEO 2021

Mobile is responsive, that is, adjust its size and design according to the device, as well as it is fast loaded on mobile. Friends, these problems can occur in a non-mobile friendly blog or website:

  • Friends, you must have seen that you went to a blog and its content is going out of your mobile screen, this is also a mobile usability problem.
  • And the font size of the content of some blog or website is so small that it is not possible to read it on mobile, it is also a mobile usability problem.
  • Friends also uses some plugins which do not support in every mobile browser, so Google itself recommends that you build your site on the latest technology like HTML5.
  • In some blogs, the viewport property is not defined so that the website is unable to correct its dimensions in other browsers.
  • Friends, when other clickable elements are very close and a user is hard at pressing the right element, then it also comes in the mobile usability problem.

How to check and fix Mobile Usability?

Friends, if you are a WordPress user, then you can make your web pages mobile friendly by putting any AMP plugin. But if your blog is built on HTML, then you will need your developer to create a Mobile Friendly Blog.

Now it comes to know how you will know about the Mobile Friendly Problems of your blog, then friends Google Search Console tells you about your problem through notification and mail. But still, if you want to check your blog or website’s mobile friendly, then you can check by going to the official tool “Mobile-Friendly Test Tool” of Google.

11. Robot.txt File

Friends, the robot.txt file of a blog or website tells search engine crawlers that which page of your blog has to be crawled and which are not. It does not prevent any of your pages from being saved in Google’s index.

And when Crawlers come to your blog, we use the robot.txt file to reduce the overload i.e. to reduce requests. If your blog or website is on HTML, then you have to upload a robot.txt file in the root directory of your site like a sitemap and it is uploaded by the name of robot.txt.

How to check and create robot.txt?

Friends, if your blog is built on HTML, then you can go to the root directory folder of your blog and see if there are any files named robot.txt.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (What is Technical SEO | How to do Technical SEO 2021), then if you have any question related to it (What is Technical SEO 2021), then you can read in the comment below. Ho, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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