What is Off Page SEO | How to do Off Page SEO 2021

What is Off Page SEO | How to do Off Page SEO 2021 : Friends, if you are new to Blogging or old, then you must have heard that Off Page SEO is very important for Search Engine Optimization. But to get success in Blogging, it is important to have knowledge of What is Off Page SEO and how to do it.

Google takes into account many factors to rank the article of any blog at first number. Since it seems that yes this article stands on every scale and is enough to give satisfaction to the user, then it gets the first place. There are a lot of Searching Ranking Factors and we have to resort to On Page SEO and Off Page Optimization to meet various criteria of Google. Of Page SEO is also very important in this, about which we are going to discuss this.

Friends, here we are going to tell you all the ways through this article that come under this and play an important role in the ranking of any post. Let us know that finally What is Off Page SEO 2021 and how we can use it in our blog.

What is SEO?

Friends SEO has a full form: – Search Engine Optimization. The term was used in 1997 by an industry analyst and credited to Bruice Clay, one of the people who popularized the term SEO. Friends, in the era of this digital world, often people do Google search to find solutions to their problems, after searching, about 80% people visit the posts coming on the 1st page and find their answers.

What is Off Page SEO 2021
What is Off Page SEO 2021

There are thousands, millions of posts made on the same topic or title in Google, but Google’s algorithm is such that in the millions of posts, who learns the post in the top 3 page, the post ranks better. Actually Google’s algorithm is about SEO, according to a research, 80% of people prefer to read the post on Google’s 1st page, but people do not like going to the 2nd or 3rd pages, according to an analysis 93% of people Do not like to go further than Google’s 3rd Page.

Friends, now you can guess yourself that if you want to stay in the Blog Competition, then you have to stay within the top 3 pages of Google and that is why SEO of Blog has to be done. The post on Google’s 1st page is SEO Friendly, a professional blogger pays full attention to SEO while writing a post, so he is always ahead of other blogger and his post always gets ranked.

In simple words, those who blogger write their blog or post as SEO friendly, keep the website optimized according to Google, their websites always rank.

What is Off Page SEO?

Friends Off-page SEO can speak the ways through which we increase the authority of the domain and it completely Dependent on Backlinks taken from the Quality Website. If a good Quality and High Authority website makes your website Quality Backlinks It is considered important for Off Page SEO.

At the same time, Google also sees how many websites have given backlinks to your blog and how much is the authority of the website giving backlink. The thing to note here is that if the number of backlinks is small but their qualification is very good, then it is enough for your blog. At the same time, if you create thousands of links but their quality is not good then it is useless.

I want to give you a tips here that if you do not want to work too hard in Off Page SEO, then you should strengthen your On Page SEO so much that you rank your post with that. Quality Backlinks are received only when we provide some special content from our blog to other websites or I provide content.

Because what is the most important thing in Blogging and what we can tell about it is the content itself. If you write quality content then you will see that other websites will automatically connect your content to themselves and will also give you batting from there. SEO Are called Natural Backlinks.

How to do Off Page SEO

Friends, every type of information is important in the blogged Fled, the same type of Page Optimization is also very important and its information is also very important. We already know that without optimization we cannot rank our blog article on Google’s first page. If we are unable to do this then traffic will not come on our blog. Let’s know now that we How can Off Page SEO.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Friends, when we start Blogging, we connect our website with the Console of Search Engine. It informs us about every aspect related to our blog. You should know about Google Search Console. Apart from this, other search engines also have consoles in a similar way. From where you different your website. Will be able to control the work.

You also get to see any type of problems under your blog. Which you can solve in time. You can submit Sitemap of your blog by going to Search Console which helps Search Engine in Crawl your blog.

Friends, apart from this, you will also be informed about how many types of manual action Search Engine takes in your blog and in addition to this there will be problems for any kind of security. In both these cases, the ranking of your blog can be completely finished.

Not only this, in Search Console you can understand the Search Engine Optimization of your blog very well. In this, you can know that in which position your article is on which keywords.

What is your status and how many impressions are there etc. It plays a very important role in Off Page SEO. With the help of data written in Search Console, you can make your On Page Optimization even better.

2. Write High Quality Content

Friends, the life of any blog is its content. On the Internet, we see different types of blogs and take information from them. We like the same blogs whose information is easily understood and useful to us. If you are blogging, then keep in mind that in any category you are saying Blogging, write the article related to it so well that Attract once you read your audience.

What is Off Page SEO 2021
What is Off Page SEO 2021

He assured his readers that you are always standing for him and whatever will be important to him, you will complete it. Write your content in such a way that your readers get connected to it and they can understand your things easily.

Friends, if you understand all the things mentioned above, then you must have understood what the content is called the king of Blogging. In English, it is called Content is King. In the middle of the content, you should display the data associated with Topic in the form of an image or as a table so that people have benefits.

This is the way backlinks can be made in a natural way. You will not need to connect other blogger, instead they will use your content themselves and you will give the link. It is also possible that he will ask you for permission.

3. Backlinks Building

Friends, the most important factor of Off Page SEO is Backlinks and it is not easy to create a Quality Backlinks. For this you have to work hard. In the beginning phase you have to do content in other blogs related to your category and you request them. They are supposed to provide a link to your blog.

How to create backlinks?

  • write guest post for another blog Guest Post When publishing on other blog, ask to provide a backlink.
  • By sharing more and more of your content through social media, you can also get backlinks.
  • If your blog already has a little Domain Authority and Page Authority. So you can get Backlinks given by Google.
  • You can also ask the owners of other websites about Backlink by giving a review of people’s blog.
  • You can make infographic in a good way. By doing this you are very likely to get backlinks.

4. Social Networking Sites

Friends, Social Networking Sites are many and those who have Internet definitely use it. Everyone wants to register their online presence and want to be content with other people, that is the reason to use them.

Every blogger who does blogging has his own blog linked page. In which they share the content of their blog. Apart from this, they also help their visitors. Answer their question and also solve all their problems.

What is Off Page SEO 2021
What is Off Page SEO 2021

According to your category, you can bring Audience to your page and make a community. It directly benefits your blog. That is why people who are blogging are always advised to prepare Audience on one of the social media platforms. In which Facebook is considered the best. Apart from this, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Quora are also included.

Friends, when you share the URL of a post on your blog on these social media platforms. Through this, visitors reach your blog, which Google takes as Ranking Signal. In this way, your blog’s article helps a lot in getting ranked.

5. Blog Marketing

Friends, give the link of your blog in the comments box of those blogs. The blog on which articles have been put on the same low. In such a situation, if you provide a link to your website in the comments box of the article on that blog. So there is a chance of traffic coming to your website.

You can also increase good traffic on your website by making comments on other people’s blogs. To bring traffic to your website, you have to create a unique name ID. Select the name by which your blog is.

6. Youtube Channel

Friends, the name of Youtube comes first in the Social Media Network, Youtube Channel can also bring a lot of traffic to its website. You can create your own YouTube channel or you can promote your website through a popular YouTube account.

However, there are many people who will promote you even after taking money. But you can create your own YouTube channel and send it to your website in good traffic free.

7. Web 2.0 Submission

Friends, this site is very useful for you, friends, because apart from reading this site, you can increase traffic by posting your articles too. On this site, you can bring traffic by putting image, article for free.

8. Article Submission

Friends, there are many types of Platforms available on the Internet where you can put your Quality Articles and when you enter your unique article, then your article is ranked with the help of those Platforms. Along with that your blog is also ranked and There is more chance that good traffic should come to your website.

Friends- Medium.com is one such website where you can submit your article. When you publish your written content on it, you get a backlink for your site by this. You should know that this website maintains a very good authority and if you get a link from it, that too Quality Backlinks it happens.

9. Influencer Outreach

Friends Influencer Outreach is a process by which you can Influencer by giving your articles on many sites, so that you will also get feedback and request and review from him. Similarly, you can take your own business far ahead with impressions.

10. Guest Posting

Friends, there are many types of Guest Post Sites available on Google. Where you can get traffic on your site by giving guest post. From there you get a back link and traffic also starts coming up quite well. Getting traffic on your website by Guest Post is considered very popular. People receive traffic on their website through Guest Post. Backlinks are easily available only through Guest Post.

11. Google My Business

Friends, Google My Business is a free tool that you can start small business easily without purchasing anything, with the help of this you can take advantage of the presence of Google along with Search and Map. If you want to increase your business or make some changes, then this tool will help you completely.

12. Business Review

Friends, by giving a good review on any business website, you can ask them to promote their website or review their breakup in return. In such a situation, a lot of traffic can come on your website. There are many types of such websites. Which also gives you business review money. But if you continuously review on any other website. So those people will also be interested in reviewing your website.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (What is Off Page SEO | How to do Off Page SEO 2021), then if you have any question related to it (What is Off Page SEO 2021), then you can read in the comment below. Ho, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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