What is Blog ? | How to Earn Money From Blogging ? 2021

What is Blog ? | How to Earn Money From Blogging ? 2021 : Friends, a lot of people want to know about it in today’s time and what you can benefit from it, we are going to tell you in detail in this article today. Do you know that? With the help of Internet, you can not only do conversions with your friends on  FacebookWhatsapp and get any information on Google, but you can also earn a lot of money and name through online. There are many ways to earn money Online , but blogging is the most popular way, or assume that it is your business.

What is Blog ?

Friends Blog is a kind of website where you get information on a Niche in the form of an article. If we try to understand Blog in the common language, then assume that Blog is a means in the world of Internet from where we get answers to our questions.

We have to take information about something, then we go to Google and type in it and Google shows us the link to the same blog post in our search results and after that we click on one of them and Questions are answered.

What is the History of Blog?

Friends evolved from Online Diaries and Magazine to Blog in the mid-90s. At that time Internet users had also started running blogs on their own, where they used to update their personal life, thoughts and social comments.

What is Blog 2021
What is Blog 2021

As people started using the Internet, such personal blogs also started to grow, due to which many such tools came in the market which made it easier for people to create and maintain the blog. These tools helped make Blogging popular. Friends, in 1999 where Popular Free Blogging Platform named Blogger.com was launched which was developed by Google in 2003.

WordPress Launched in 2003, which is the only choice of all Blogger today and our blog is also on WordPress. Friends, 30% of the world’s websites are built on WordPress, so if WordPress is considered to be the most reliable platform for blogging, then it will not be wrong at all.

What is The Difference Between Blog and Website?

Friends are different from Blog, Website like: – Website is a collection of many pages while there are posts on Blog and as Post keeps updating, new posts go up and down old. As an example: Take Flipkart.com, this is a website where you get to see pages linked from different categories.

So that is the news website of Annandabazar.com, which we will call Blog, in which every new news or article keeps coming up and the old article goes backward. The blog is usually run by one person or a small team, where they give information on the blog in a conversational style.

Who is Blogger?

Friends, the person who makes a whole blog and then sees it, writes articles on it, promotes them, we call it Blogger.

What is the Difference Between Blog Posts and Pages?

Friends, so far, what is the history of Blog and Blogging? This is known as well as knowing what is the difference between Blog and Website.

The thing that the new Blogger is most confused about is the difference between posts and pages. Friends, Blog Post is constantly updated, as if you wrote a post, it will go on top and the one that is older than it will be below it, thus the sequence keeps going. While the pages are absolutely static, which do not change like you have created a page about About Me, you will not have to update it again and again, it has become stable.

What are The Advantages of Creating a Blog?

Friends, let’s know all this about blog but what is the benefit of making a blog? Now know this: –

1. Can make money

Friends, this is the first advantage of making a blog, that you can earn money, yes, how can you earn a lot of money from your blog? This I am going to tell you further in this article, from Blogging, in today’s time, many people are earning a lot of money.

2. Make your mark

Like I told you that Blog means that you are giving information about some Niche to online people. It means to have one: – Helping them as if someone wants to know about good Demanding Carrier Option and has written the related articles on his blog. That he will also follow you and will also tell friends about your blog. So people will start to know this, your identity starts becoming one.

3.New learning

Friends, not only writing in blogging, but your article reaches a lot of people, for that, you have to learn a lot about online marketing, blog building, SEO etc. Also you have to keep updated on what your blog topic is. So you get to learn a lot of new things during Blogging.

What is Needed to create a blog?

I also told you the benefits of Blogging, so now you will definitely have the desire to know what is the thing we need to make a blog.

What is Blog 2021

1. An Internet Connection and PC or Laptop

Friends, first of all you have to have a PC or Laptop for blogging. Many people ask that can we blogging from Smartphone also? You can definitely do it, but with that you will not feel comfortable writing at all, so I will ask you to use a PC or a laptop. You will always need Internet whenever you work in Blog. So it happens to everyone nowadays, there is no problem.

2. Niche

After this, you have to choose a Niche in Blogging that you want to write on which Niche online. What subject do you know or what are you interested in. You have to think all this before making a blog.

3. Domain and Hosting

Now you need two more things to create a blog, a domain that you will have to buy and secondly you have to buy it as well. If you are new or a beginner blogging in the field. So you can create your blog using Domain and Hosting for free. After that, you will gradually learn about Blog, then you can buy favorite domain and hosting.

4. Patience and Dedication Let’s go

The two things that are most needed in blogging are your will power, how much you are dedicated to your Niche because it can take time to earn money from blogging but you have to work hard everyday.

And secondly, it is very important to have patience in you because Result in Blogging is never found in one, two days but not in months or years, so after blogging for some time, you are not getting anything in it, do not leave it because of you, but you Work on what you are doing wrong and keep patience.

How Much Money does it Take to Make a Blog?

Friends, as I told you earlier, Blogging is like a business for you. But you do not need to make any big investment in it at all. You can make a good blog for yourself by doing small investment.

And you can join your blogging in Free on Blogger.com and WordPress.com, but for that I will not ask you at all, especially when you see Blogging as a Professional. Friends, as far as the matter is spent on the blog, it is very minor, you have to buy Domain, Hosting and Paid Theme and all these are easily available within 10 thousand. There is no need to take much tension for this.

How to Make Money From Blogging?

Friends, a lot of people want to know that let’s know that this is a blog, when we even thought of making a blog, how can we earn money from blogging and when can you start earning money from blogging? So the answer to this is that when you have about 25+ articles on your blog and about 1000 -1200 daily traffic and your traffic comes from Google, then you can start earning money. Friends, now the question is how to earn money from Blogging, then there are two real ways which I will tell you now. So let’s know: –

What is Blog 2021
What is Blog 2021

1. How to make money with Google Adsense?

First of all, let me tell you a little about Google Adsense. This is a product of Google. Which is an Advertisement Service that gives advertisements on our blog to Blogger like most of us. Whenever an Audience comes to our blog and clicks on the advertisements, then Google keeps 40% of it and the rest we give it to Blogger and basically it will depend on the CPC of that advertisements.

Like I told you above that you write about 25+ posts and traffic starts coming to your blog around a thousand, then you should apply for Google Adsense and when a few days later your Request Approved Mail will come to you then you blog You can earn money by applying advertisements.

2. How to make money from Affiliate Marketing

Friends, many big companies run an Affiliate Marketing to promote their product or service. Which we can sign up like Blogging and then after creating an account there, we give the code of the banner of our product.

Which we have to put on our blog and when an Audience comes to your blog and clicks on the advertisements and goes to that company’s website and buys a product, the same blogging gets some commission. A. Second and main way to earn money from Blog.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (What is Basic SEO And How to Do SEO 2021), so if you have any questions related to it (What is Basic SEO 2021), then you can check in the comment below. Ho, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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