What is Basic SEO And How to Do SEO 2021

What is Basic SEO And How to Do SEO 2021 : Friends, do you know how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of a blog is to rank any website or Blog, without SEO, blog can never rank you, because you have a lot to earn money from blog Traffic should come and understanding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is important to bring traffic.

Friends, today we will talk about the complete information of What is Basic SEO and how many types are there, why it is important to do SEO for What is Basic SEO And How to Do SEO 2021 ?Answers to questions like etc. will be found in this article.

Whenever Google indexes a website, it first checks the optimization, content, page speed, etc. of that website, if you have not optimized your blog according to Google’s algorithms, then your blog is always down. It will remain and will never be ranked in Google or other search engines. Therefore, to rank a blog or website, we have to do SEO of the blog so that Google helps in ranking our blog or website as soon as possible.

What is SEO?

Friends SEO has a full form: – Search Engine Optimization. The term was first used in 1997 by industry analyst and credited to Bruice Clay, one of the people who popularized the term SEO. Friends, in the era of this digital world, often people do Google search to find solutions to their problems, after searching, about 80% people visit the posts coming on the 1st page and find their answers.

What is Basic SEO 2021
What is Basic SEO 2021

There are thousands, millions of posts made on the same topic or title in Google, but Google’s algorithm is such that in the millions of posts, who learns the post in the top 3 page, the post ranks better. Actually Google’s algorithm is about SEO, according to a research, 80% of people prefer to read the post on Google’s 1st page, but people do not like going to the 2nd or 3rd pages, according to an analysis 93% of people Do not like to go further than Google’s 3rd Page.

Friends, now you can guess yourself that if you want to remain in the Blog Competition, then you will have to stay within the top 3 pages of Google and that is why SEO of Blog has to be done. The post on Google’s 1st page is SEO Friendly, a professional blogger pays full attention to SEO while writing a post, so he is always ahead of other blogger and his post always gets ranked.

In simple words, if the blogger who writes their blog or post as SEO friendly, keeps the website optimized according to Google, their website always ranks.

What is SEO important to do?

Friends, you must have understood What is Basic SEO 2021, now let’s talk about who should do SEO and what is the need to do SEO? I will tell you the answer by giving an example. Guys suppose you wrote an article whose title you wrote “What is Basic SEO And How to Do SEO 2021” and you published this post.

Now, on the title above which you have written the post, a lot of posts on this title will already exist in Google and their number will be in thousands of millions. Now you yourself think that the title on which I have written the post has already been written by many people in Google and their posts are also ranking in the 1St Page of Google, so what should you do so that all of you To be ranked behind in Google’s Top Page.

Friends, of course, to get into the 1st page of Google, you have to do SEO, tell Google that your content is high quality as well as SEO Optimized and when Google Bots (Google Bot is a Robot type which is a website Or Crawl Blog and sends information to Google) Index your post and send it to Google, then the chances of increasing the rank of your post increase.

What is the main reason for doing SEO?

Friends play an important role for SEO to appear in Top 1 on Google’s 1st page.

  • Users believe more on the post coming in the 1st page, so learning SEO is very important.
  • SEO helps a lot in making money from blog.
  • If you want to beat your competitors, then you have to take full care of SEO.
  • Blog or Website Optimization should be good because Google is more priority to Page Speed ​​of Website.
  • After understanding the basic SEO kya hai well friends, you can prevent your competitors from coming forward easily.
  • If you have also learned to do basic SEO of your blog, then you are ready to beat your competitors in any search engine.

What are the types of SEO?

Friends, after understanding SEO Kya Hai, this question must be coming in your mind, how many types of SEO are there? Well, there are mainly 2 types of SEO, such as: –

What is Basic SEO 2021
What is Basic SEO 2021
  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

But friends, I will tell you not only about On Page SEO and OFF Page SEO but also about Basic SEO, because On Page SEO and Off Page SEO also come inside the basic seo.

Friends, because this is a very big topic that you will not understand in a day, so I have divided SEO into 2 parts, first is Basic SEO and second Advance SEO, in this article you will learn about What is Basic SEO.

What is Basic SEO?

Friends, till now we had understood What is SEO and why SEO is good. Now let’s talk about Basic SEO, because it is part of SEO, so its definition is also same which I told in SEO Kya Hai, because there are many levels inside SEO, so it is very important to understand each part of it very closely. Is important

Friends, if you understand basic SEO well, then you will go on growing step by step and will also understand the secretes of being successful in blogging. If you have just come into Blogging, then basic information of SEO should be important.

How to Do Basic SEO?

Friends, after understanding What is Basic SEO, now the question arises that How to do Basic SEO? Everyday about 4 Billion Topics searches are done in Friends Search Engine and if counted for 1 month then there are about 100 Billion Searches, now in such a big audience, can’t your blog or website rank? You can absolutely rank, it is just important that you understand SEO better.

Now I am going to tell you about SEO who you have to follow, after that you will not have to search about Basic SEO kya hai, Basis SEO Kaise Kare.

1. Use Attractive Title Tag

Friends, doing research before writing the title of any post in your blog or website is very important, because if your title is not the best or someone does not find the title attractive, then no one will have to do your article and it will be SEO wise Are very bad.

So while writing the title, use only 65 to 70 words of Only 65, although only 65 words of Google Title are visible, so try to make sure that the title of your article is in front of 65 words and it has Focus Keyword.

2. Keyword & LSI Keyword

Friends,makes a lot of mistake while using the new Blogger Keyword, he uses too much keyboard, which spoils SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so using Keyword according to the words of your article is only 0.50% to 1.50 Must be used up to%. LSI Keyboards must be used along with using Focus keyword, it helps a lot to booat your article.

How to create LSI keyword?

Friends, LSI keyword has full form Latent Semantic Indexing, it is only part of Focus keyword, LSI keyword must be used in your article because sometimes LSI Keyword is ranked if Focus keyword is not ranked. Using such LSI keywords helps article to be boost and increases the chances of ranking article.

3. Optimize Meta Description

Friends, adding Meta Description is important to bring the article to Search Ranking and it is very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in this you should use Focus Keyword as well as LSI Keyword so that your blog post can be boosted. Get help

Meta description is written inside 160 words, in which you have to read short description about your article. Friends, Meta Description should be written in a slightly attractive style, forcing users to click on your article.

4. Internal Linking

Friends, nothing happens by writing an article, to make the post viral, hard work as well as smart work have to be done, for which internal linking is very important. When we add a link of our own article to another post in our Link, then it is called Internal linking. You get 2 benefits of internal linking, one is your SEO becomes good and second your article is also viral by linking to each other.

5. External Linking

Friends, External Linking is also a Ranking Factor in Basic SEO, it is those links that link external links in their article.And let us explain this by giving an example, Suppose you have written a very good article on What is Basic SEO?, and we are writing an Article on How to do Basic SEO?. We linked you to the same post in your article. This link is called External Link.

What is Basic SEO 2021
What is Basic SEO 2021

6. Insert Alt Tags

Friends, having photos in any article is like putting four moons in the post and for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is very powerful because it is said that a photo is worth 1 thousand words, so in your article Must use at least 2 to 3 images.

After uploading images, definitely add Alt Tag Keyboard to it because you can get more audience than 1 Image. Use the keyword in the alt tag of the photo, it makes your SEO very good and the chances of the post being ranked also increase.

7. Write Quality Content

Friends, this time competition has increased a lot in Blogging, so writing content in a unique way has become even more important, so write at least 1000+ words in your content.

The more words you write in your article, the more the chances of ranking of the article will increase, but while writing the post, do not increase the line excessively or without meaning that Google will not give priority to your content.

8. Use H1, H2, H3 Heading

Friends write the article, take special care of Time Heading because if Heading SEO friendly is not used, then you will not be able to rank your article.

H1 Heading

Friends are used in H1 Heading Title and H1 Heading cannot be used 2 times in a post because it is not the best for Basic SEO.

H2 Heading

After using H1 heading in Friends Title, you should use H2 heading and use Focus Keyword in it, this will make Google Search Engine easy to crawl your Topic.

H3 Heading

H3 heading should be used under H2 heading, similarly H4 heading should be used under H3.

9. SEO Friendly Permalink

Friends, is a permalink of its article, it should be used in short, Google does not like long URLs and these long permalink are not SEO friendly either.

How to create SEO Friendly Permalink?

Friends, the title that you have given at the time of writing the article, the entire title is normally in your Permalink, so to shorten it and use Article’s Focus keyword to make Permalink SEO Friendly. Less than 75 words should be used to make Permalink SEO Friendly.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

Friends, what is the difference between SEO and SEM? The blog or website that comes with Organic Traffic comes through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) i.e. Google recommends Users in search itself, let me tell you directly in terms SEO optimizes the website well, they get Organic Traffic and Traffic keeps coming automatically on their article.

What is Basic SEO 2021
What is Basic SEO 2021

SEM i.e. Search Engine Marketing is used to get Paid Traffic on your blog or website, from this you do not get Organic Audience but Paid Traffic means Organic Visitors.

Organic Traffic is more successful than Friends Paid Traffic because users click less on Paid Blog or Website, despite Google’s service, Google gives less priority to Paid Traffic or Visitors. Google has to pay some money for Search Engine Marketing, which puts your article on top of Google, although it is for some time.

SERP Kya Hai?

Friends, before understanding What is Basic SEO?, you need to know about SERP, the search that we do in Google or any search engine and the results we get after searching are called SERP. Google’s Algorithm is based on SERP i.e. Search Engine Rank Page, so your blog should be in violation of SERP Guidelines.

SERP i.e. Search Engine Ranking Page works as a booster in ranking any blog or website and how it helps in Basic SEO.


Friends, Keyword is very important part for basic SEO of any blog or website, if you search by typing any questions in Google, then it is called Keyword like “What is Basic SEO?“.


Friends, this is the title of the article which ranks in the search list, the title of Post should be like Attractive so that the users are forced to click on the title of your post.


This is a very important part for friends SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which helps in ranking your blog or website, the permalink of the post should be small and must have a Focus Keyword.


Friends, this is a small description about the post, about which users know that the article is about Topic. Focus Keyword must also be used in the description. This is the main structure of SERP which is the ranking factor for ranking any blog or website.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (What is Basic SEO And How to Do SEO 2021), so if you have any questions related to it (What is Basic SEO 2021), then you can check in the comment below. Ho, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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