UPSC Full Form | What is UPSC | UPSC Syllabus Complete Information 2021

UPSC Full Form | What is UPSC | UPSC Syllabus Complete Information 2021 : Friends, UPSC prepares many exams every year for higher administrative posts in India, in which crores of students take exams every year to government their dreams, UPSC is considered to be the Hardest Exam of India, so you have to get UPSC Full Form and What is UPSC and UPSC Syllabus Complete Information 2021.

It is the dream of every student to get a job in higher administrative positions, in which they get good salary as well as Respect and Power, so every year UPSC exams are given by millions of students. There are students who do not even have information about the UPSC Full Form and if they dream of getting a job for higher administrative posts, then there should be complete information about what the UPSC is for them so that they can start their preparation well.

Today we will try to give you complete information about UPSC such as, UPSC Full Form and What is UPSC and UPSC Syllabus Complete Informationand many more information. Friends, we will also know how to prepare for UPSC and While preparing UPSC, what should we keep in mind especially if you want to understand all these things in details, then read this article from beginning to end.

UPSC Full Form

UPSC Full Form 2021
UPSC Full Form 2021

UPSC Full Form: – Union Public Service Commission, known as Union Public Service Commission in Hindi, which manages the examinations for All India Services and Central Services as well as the Armed Forces of the Indian Union.

UPSC Full Form: U- Union P- Public S- Service C- Commission

What is UPSC 2021

Friends is the agency that conducts recruitment for higher administrative posts of UPSC India which appoints Group A and Group B Government Job which was established on 26 October 1950 under the constitutional provision of independent India.

And UPSC is one of the most prestigious services in our country, by passing the examinations, you are responsible for the high positions of Indian Government, whose Headquarter is at New Delhi.

How did UPSC get started?

UPSC was started in India by Lord Cornwallis during British rule and the main reason for the introduction of civil service in India was to better administer the British territories in India as the East India Company established in 1600. Also had its own civil service by which commercial operations were carried out.

It is not a common thing to get a job of civil service, it has been seen since ancient times that Kautilya’s economics also indicates that the process of selecting civil servants was very hard even in this period.

And in the empire, it was given a lot of attention that in the appointment of civil servants administrators, only qualified civil servants were appointed on the basis of their qualities and superiority. According to Kautilya, at that time it would have been necessary to have two qualities in civil servants. One was loyalty and the other honesty.

UPSC development

Friends, during the Mughal period, Akbar had tried to promote the Civil Service indirectly. Since his efforts, there was a lot of demand for civil servants and in 1911 to train young civil servants at Fort William in Calcutta. A college by name was opened.

In college, young people were trained for civil service. Apart from this, there was also East India College in England which trained these youth in which civil servants were selected by the directors of East India Company.

But friends, this method was abolished in 1853 after which civil servants started to be appointed through competitive examination and from 1922 onwards recruitment for Indian Civil Service (ICS) started on the basis of full merit.

And when it is about qualification, then it is also important for us to know what should be our minimum qualification to sit in the Civil Service Examination, so let’s know.

UPSC qualification

  1. Friends, your Graduation should be Completed and you can apply even if you are in the final year of your Graduation but within the due date your Final Marksheet should be in your hand.
  2. You must be a citizen of India.
  3. Your minimum age should not be less than 21 years and most of the age limit is 32 years. If you are OBC you will get 3 years relaxation and if you are SC or ST then you will get 5 years relaxation.

Now it comes that if we are eligible for the UPSC exam, then there is a main question and how many times we can sit in the UPSC exam is also very important for you to know, so let’s know.

Maximum attempt

If you are from General Category, then you can sit in Civil Services Exams 6 times in total and if you are from OBC Category, then you can sit in this exam 9 times. There is no special limit, he can sit in this exam any number of times till his age limit is over.

Complete information of UPSC Syllabus and Exam Pattern

UPSC Full Form 2021
UPSC Full Form 2021

Friends Civil Service Exam is conducted in total 3 stages. Firstly there is Preliminary Examination. Preliminary Examination consists of only 2 Papers 200, 200 Marks and the candidates who pass the Preliminary Examination are called for the Main Examination.

Most Hard Exam is main examination.There are 9 papers in total out of which 2 papers are only of qualified nature and the remaining 7 papers decide your ranking. The 2 papers of qualified nature are both 300, 300 marks. There are 7 remaining papers which are merit papers and each paper is of 250 marks.

In total, there are 1750 marks of 7 Merit Papers. The candidates who clear the main examination are called for the final examination and the interview exam has a total of 275 marks. After being successful in the interview, you get a Civil Service Job. is.

UPSC Syllabus Information

General Studies : Paper 1
Total Marks200
Time2 HRS
Negative MarkONE THIRD


General Studies : Paper 2
Total Marks200
Time2 HRS
Negative MarkONE THIRD


UPSC Main Examination System is as follows
Question paper- A Qualifying: 1 (English language)300 Marks
Question paper- BQualifying: 2 (Hindi language or any language included in 8th schedule)300 Marks
Question paper- 1Essay250 Marks
Question paper- 2General Studies: 1250 Marks
Question paper- 3General Studies: 2250 Marks
Question paper- 4General Studies: 3250 Marks
Question paper- 5General Studies: 4250 Marks
Question paper- 6Elective subjects: 1250 Marks
Question paper- 7Elective subjects:250 Marks

UPSC Exams

UPSC Full Form 2021
UPSC Full Form 2021
  1. Engineering Services Examination
  2. Geological Examination
  3. Special Class Railway Apprentice Examination
  4. National Defense and Naval Academy Examination
  5. Combined Defense Services Examination
  6. Combined Medical Services Examination
  7. Indian Economic / Statistical Service Examination
  8. S.O./Stenographer Limited Departmental Competitive Examination
  9. Central Police Force (Assistant Commandant) Examination
  10. Civil Service Examination

Out of these posts, Civil Service is the most prestigious and popular post, there are a total of 24 posts inside the Civil Service, let’s know about all those 24 posts.

Lists for 24 posts of Civil Service

  1. IAS (Indian Administration Service) Indian Administrative Service
  2. IPS (Indian Police Service) Indian Police Service
  3. IFoS (Indian Forest Service) Indian Forest Service
  4. IFS (Indian Foreign Service) Indian Foreign Service
  5. IRS (Indian Revenue Service) Indian Revenue Service
  6. IRS (Indian Revenue Service)
  7. (IT) Indian Postal Service
  8. Indian Information Service (Junior Grade)
  9. Indian P&T Accounts and Finance Service
  10. Indian Audit and Accounts Service
  11. Indian Defense Accounts Service
  12. Indian Ordnance Factory Service
  13. Indian Civil Accounts Service
  14. Indian Railway Traffic Service
  15. Indian Railway Account Service
  16. Indian Railway Personal Service
  17. Posts of Assistant Security Commissioner in Railway Protection Force
  18. Railway Defense Estate Service (Grade-3)
  19. Indian Trade Service
  20. Indian Corporate Law Service
  21. Armed Forces Headquarters Service
  22. Pondicherry Administrative Service
  23. Pondicherry Police Service
  24. Delhi Andaman and Nicobar Deep Group, Lakshadweep, Daman and Diu, and Dadar Nagar Haveli Police Service

Indian Adminitretion Service (IAS)

UPSC Full Form 2021
UPSC Full Form 2021

Friends, out of these 24 posts, the top 3 posts are included in the All-India services and the subsequent 16 posts are under Group B, and the last 5 posts of the last 5 posts are added to the Group B. Some of these posts within the UPSC talk in some detail about the most popular and famous posts.

Friends IAS Full Form: – Indian Adminitretion Service handling the state’s law and order, revenue administrative services and general administrative service, as well as many more important tasks like revenue collection, law and order, state and central government schemes and public expenditure and Too many responsibilities have to be fulfilled.

Indian Police Service (IPS)

IPS Full Form: – Indian Police Service is one of the three All Indian Service of Indian Government and when it comes to the work of Indian Police Service, their work is to implement the law and stop the crime from happening, identify the culprit. To implement, etc.

And at the same time his responsibilities are to maintain public peace, investigate, collect sensitive information, Indian intelligence agencies like IB CBI CID as well as security forces like CAPF, RPF, CISF, NSG, ITBP, BSF etc. Represents.

National Defense Academy (NDA)

NDA Full Form: – National Defense Academy, which is called National Defense Academy in Hindi. Many people are willing to go to the three popular services of the Indian Army, Navy and Indian Aire Force, then for those willing youth (UPSC) Exam by NDA twice in the year. It conducts.

Indian Forgen Service (IFS)

IFS Full Form: – The main work of Indian Forgen Service and Indian Foreign Service is to manage the foreign relations of the country, such as – increasing cultural relations with other countries, doing business with other countries, both diplomatic, political and economic cooperation. Maintaining prudent relations among countries etc. Overall, to ensure India’s interests both at home and abroad.

Indian Revenue Service (IRS)

Friends IRS Full Form is Indian Revenue Service and IRS officers are selected through the Civil Service Examination organized by the Public Service Commission. The revenue department of these ministries has a separate branch which looks after the management of indirect tax such as Limit Duty, Excise and Narcotics.

Officers under the IRS are controlled by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBIC). If we talk about their powers, the power to investigate, the power to reverse etc., etc., the power to change all Indian laws in the customs areas, as well as the seizure of goods and vehicles when an IRS officer is required. Power is also received.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (UPSC Full Form | What is UPSC | UPSC Syllabus Complete Information 2021), so if you have any question related to it (UPSC Full Form 2021), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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