TRP Full Form | What is TRP Full Information 2021

TRP Full Form | What is TRP Full Information 2021 : Friends, those watching TV serial and news channels in India get to hear the word TRP, but the amazing thing is that most people do not know the TRP Full Form and What is TRP, whereas TV serials and channels run on its own.

Yes, you heard your voice perfectly, so the people of the TV channel are often saying to you that there is no other news on our Channel Number One, which has been claiming such news channels. You watch Serial, Movies and News in Tv but have you ever wondered how Tv channels make money? Because you never go to those channels and do not give them money, such a question must have come in your mind too.

Let us tell you that the earnings of the channel are calculated by the medium of TRP, but what is this TRP after all, what is TRP? And how does the channel benefit from this? If you do not have any information about TRP and want to know all the important information about TRP, then in this article we are going to give you complete information about TRP.

TRP Full Form

TRP Full Form
TRP Full Form

TRP Full Form: – Television Rating Point is called TRP in short form using which to estimate the popularity of a channel.

Complete information of TRP

Friends TRP is a medium or a medium that tells which TV channel is being viewed the most and which channel has more popularity and value among people, which channel is liked more by people and in it If you watch more or more incoming news or programs, then the TRP of that channel increases, due to which the value of that channel also increases.

What do you think only your channel gets its revenue by recharging? It is not that all TV channels earn income due to TRP and TRP is the only way in which any TV channel can earn millions and millions. Takes.

If we talk about India, then here is an agency called “Television Audience Measurement India” which works to measure TRP and find out which channel is being watched most and which channel is used to watch TV shows. People are preferring to watch. This company uses different types of frequencies to find out which serial is being watched so often and for how long. Frequency is measured only by measuring the frequency of a show and channel.

How to check TRP

Friends, you can check the TRP of any channel by visiting the official website of Broadcast Audience Research Council India.

By visiting this website, when you click on the data and click on the weekly data, a new page opens, on this page you can also know the list of Top TRP channel of any category from Top 10 Advertsing Company.

How is TRP measured?

Friends TRP measuring instrument is called People Meter. This instrument is located in a particular place in cities and villages. This instrument can also be installed in your setbox. This meter tracks the channels you have seen. And it is known that how many people are watching which TV serial, news or other programs of which channel and measures it according to the minutes.

This tool tracks the channels we have seen very well, even this timing also keeps track of which programs are being viewed on which channel at which time and how much meter after tracking all the data. Ways to send signals to the Monitoring Team and the Indian Audience Measurement Agency decides which channels are being viewed the most, followed by the information of the most watched channels on the Weekly and Monthly Basic.

In the same way, the channel that people are watching the most has a higher TRP and the channel that people are watching less, their TRP is less, which the rates of advertisement running on those channels are also less like TRP. The rates are so that every channel wants to increase its TRP.

How does TRP decrease?

Friends, TRP incident increases and Depent on the channel and its viewing audience. Suppose initially the story of a program shown in a channel is very good, due to which people are very fond of watching it.

So obviously the TRP of that channel will increase a lot, but after some time if people stop watching that program then their TRP will decrease, so it is important to keep TRP always increasing that the channel owner on his channel Show the program so that people like to watch a lot.

How much does Channel TRP matter?

TRP is very important for any TV channel because on the basis of TRP, big brands and companies offer projects to them to promote their product. Let me tell you that 70 – 80% of the revenue of any channel is through advertisement and high TRP channels are the first choice of big brands and companies, because they feel that people are watching the programs shown on that channel People will definitely see their advertisemnt coming in between.

Tv Channel’s TRP List is very important for the advertiser as it gives them information about which channel has more people and based on this the channel people are also able to decide the rate of showing advertisement on their channel The matter is that the rates of the channel with high TRP will also be high, so that they will be able to charge maximum money from the advertisers.

Complete information of People Meter

Friends, People Meter is a tool with the help of which INTAM accurately measures TRP. This tool uses thousands of frequencies to know which channels and shows people are watching the most, so you need a Setup box is given with which frequency is captured.

Monitoring the People Meter Frequency, Indian Television audiences send to the Measurement Team and that is why advertisers get information about the most viewed channels.

Top 5 TRP Channels Information

TRP Full Form
TRP Full Form

Friends, now we are going to tell you about the Top 5 TRP Channels, we have taken this information from the website of Broadcast Audience Research Council India. Republic India ranks first in the list. It is also in the first place in the Channel TRP, which means that people are more like watching this channel.

This data is between Saturday, August 29 and Friday, September 4, during which Republic India TV News Channel is the most viewed and ranks first in TRP.

  1. Republic Bharat
  2. Aaj tak
  3. TV9 Bharatvarsh
  4. India TV
  5. News18 india

If you want to know the list of top channels of any other category, you can go to the website of Broadcast Audience Research Council India.

What are the disadvantages of TRP fall?

Friends, TRP of any channel or show is never the same, that is why it changes every month and the channels are up and down, which has a great impact on the income because any channel whose TRP is reduced will get less business. is.

But the most impact of the fall of TRP is on any channel or show when its advertisers stop getting contracts from the donor. Advertisements donors prefer to give AIDS to high TRP channels because the channel whose TRP is more The advertiser will also benefit more from promoting the product on that channel.

Sometimes due to the lack of TRP and not getting the contract, the channel owner has to pay salaries to the people working for him from his pocket, so it is very important for any channel to remain in the list of the top TRP channels. If not, then that channel can also be Diwaliya.

how Tv channels Make Money?

Friends, as already told you, 70-80% of the revenue of any channel is through advertisement and after seeing the TRP of any channel, the company goes to that channel to promote its product.

High TRP channels are the first choice of big brands and the company, due to which the company also gives a lot of money per second advertisement for promoting its product and this is the reason that these channels earn. Here you are also telling the names of some high TRP channels which in today’s time when we are writing this article there are quite a few TRP channels like Aaj Tak, BBC News, Star Plus etc.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (TRP Full Form | What is TRP Full Information 2021 ), so if you have any question related to it (TRP Full Form), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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