IPS Full Form | What is IPS | How to Become An IPS 2021

IPS Full Form | What is IPS | How to Become An IPS 2021 : Friends government job is a job where you get all the comforts, so often people want to get the highest post of government job and IPS job is also a high administrative post in government job so IPS Full Form and What is IPS And I have told about many things related to IPS and how.

Some people also want to serve the country by doing a government job, so the dream of such people is to become IAS, IPS, IFS because it is a Post Government as well as a very big responsibility given by the government.

And by the way, becoming an IPS is not easy and millions of people join the Civil Service Examination every year to become an IPS, but few people are able to realize their dream of becoming an IPS, which requires a lot of hard work, perseverance and penance. After becoming an IPS, you also get a lot of facilities from the government and the name of the parents is Famous. An IPS is the head of the entire Police Department and has full power of the Police Department.

Friends, so today we are going to give you the necessary information about IPS Full Form and What is IPS.

IPS Full Form 

IPS Full Form 2021
IPS Full Form 2021

Full Form IPS: – India Police Service, which is called Indian Police Service in Hindi language, is the work of Police to maintain the legal system in the society and to work out the increasing crimes in the society.

Friends, IAS and IPS are both high administrative posts and its exam is managed by UPSC every year. There are many posts in Police Department and positions are given according to different rank. IPS is the head of the entire Police Department and its The Police Department has full power.

What is IPS Officer 2021

Friends, an IPS is the most prominent of all police officers. It is a respected and respected post. IPS is one of the main three civil services (IAS, IPS and IFS) of India. It was started in 1948.

The cadre of IPS officers is controlled by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The full form of IPS is Indian Police Service -IPS. IPS is an All India Service.

It is not easy to become an IPS and for this one has to go through a lot of exams and rigorous training. An IPS has to be vigilant about his law and the trust of the people.

How to become an IPS 2021

Friends, to become an IPS, one has to pass the examination of the Civil Services conducted by the UPSC i.e. Union People Service Commission.

This is a very hard exam; after passing the exam, there is an interview in which very few people are able to be successful; after being successful in the exam, the candidate is sent for training. IFS can be created.

Apart from this, even after passing the State PSC Exam, IPS officers can be made, after passing the state level exam, it takes at least 10 years to become SP (Superintendent of Police).

What does IPS work for?

Friends, the job of an IPS is to maintain law and order in the center / state, while working as Assistant Superintendent of Police, accountability to his superior officer Superintendent of Police (SP), Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) and Deputy Director General (DIG). keeps.

IPS corruption cases, public life, public peacekeeping, crime prevention, investigation and detection, VIP protection, trafficking, drug trafficking, economic crime, disaster management, socio-economic law, biodiversity, and environmental laws, etc. Special attention has to be paid to conservation etc.

And in a rapidly changing social and economic environment, IPS officers play an important role in protecting law and justice, integrity, decentralization, human rights, etc. and in increasing public confidence in the police, in line with people’s aspirations.

IPS Qualification

IPS Full Form 2021
IPS Full Form 2021

Friends, to become an IPS, you should have the following qualifications, only then you can sit in the Civil Services Examination conducted by UPSC to become an IPS.

1. Educational Qualification

To become an IPS friends, you must have a degree of Graduation from any stream, even if you are in the last year of Graduations, you can sit in this exam.

And here it does not matter which university you have done Graduations from, but you should be a graduate and that university should be a recognized university.

2. Physical Ability

  • Length: To be selected in IPS, the length of male (General / OBC category) should be at least 165CM and the length of female (General / OBC category) should be at least 150CM.
  • The length of SC / ST men should be at least 160 CM and the length of Ladies class should be at least 145 CM.
  • Chest: For IPS, the chest of men should be at least 84CM (plus 5CM pudding) and Ladies’ chest is at least 79CM (plus 5CM pudding).
  • Eye Site: Vision of 6/6 or 6/9 distant vision and weak eyes should be 6/12 and 6/9 for both ladies and men.

3. Age Limit

  • Age Limit should be 21-32 Years Age.
  • OBC 3 years discount in this
  • The reserved category (ST / SC) gets a discount of 5 years.

4. Nationality

Friends, you must be a citizen of India to become an IPS. If you are a citizen of Nepal and Bhutan, then you can also join the examination by filling the IPS form.

  • Number of Attempts (Number of attempts)
  • Number of attempts for friends general category 6 times (till the age of 32)
  • 9 times for OBC (till the age of 35)
  • There is no limit of efforts for reserved category (ST / SC) (till the age of 37)
  • Number of attempts for Physical Efficiency Class (General) 9 times
  • Physical Efficiency Class (OBC / SC / ST) efforts have no limit.

IPS EXAM Information

Friends IPA Exam is a part of Civil Services Exam which UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts this exam every year.

To become an IPS, you have to go through Preliminary Examination (Preliminary Examination), Main Examination (Main Examination) and Interview (Interview) / Personality Test. Let us know how and how long this exam is.

1. Preliminary Examination (Preliminary Examination)

The first stage of the exam to become an IPS is its two parts. General Studies (GS-1) and CSAT (GS-2) are asked objective questions in this exam and both the examination is of 200-200 marks.

Friends, the duration of both the exams is of two hours. To pass this exam, you have to bring at least 33% Marks in Paper 2nd and Marks of this exam are not added to the Final Marks. After you become eligible to appear in the next level exam, the next exam is called the main exam.

2. Main Examination

This exam is a written exam and there are a total of 9 papers in this exam. This exam is divided into two parts.

Qualifying Paper: It consists of two Papers and both Papers have 300-300 Marks fixed but these Marks are not added to the Final Marks.
Merit Paper: It consists of 7 Papers and all Papers are of 250-250 Marks i.e. all the papers are of 1750 Marks in total.

3. Interview) / Personality Test

Friends are called for Interview after Preliminary Examination and Main Examination. It is also called Personality Test. Interview duration is about 40-45 minutes. After clearing the interview, you are sent for 3 years training of IPS and After training is completed, you become an IPS officer.

IPS Syllabus Information

IPS Full Form 2021
IPS Full Form 2021

To become an IPS one has to go through a three-stage exam.

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Interview (Interview) / Personality Test

1. Preliminary Examination Syllabus

Paper 1: Friends, this paper contains national and international, current affairs, Indian history and Indian national movement, geography of India and the world, Indian political system and governance (Constitution, Political System, Panchayati Raj, Public Policy), Economic and Social Development ( Objective questions are asked from subjects like Sustainable Development, Poverty, Population), Environmental Ecology, Bio-Diversity, Climate Change and General Science.

Paper 2: In this paper, questions related to comprehension, inter personal skills, logical reasoning and analytical ability, decision making and problem solving, general mental ability, basic generality and data interpretation (charts, graphs, tables) are asked.

2. Main Exam Syllabus

Friends, as already told to you, 9 Papers have to be given to pass this exam. Let’s know about their syllabus.

Qualifying papers

Paper 1: Modern Indian Language- 300 Marks

  • Friends, the candidates will have to choose any language added to the eighth schedule of the constitution.
  • In selected language you get questions like Passage, Writing, Vocabulary, Essay and English Translation.

Paper 2: (English) English- 300 Marks

  • In this paper, you get questions like Passage, Writing, Vocabulary, Essay and English Translation in English Language.
  • Merit Base Paper (These questions will form your merit)

Paper 1: Essay – 250 marks

Friends have to write essay on any given topic (current issue)

Paper 2: General Studies 1- 250 Marks

  • Indian Heritage and Culture.
  • History of the world and geography and society

Paper 3: General Studies 2 – 250 Marks

  • Constitution Governance System (Constitution)
  • Governance
  • Polity
  • Social Justice
  • International Relations

Paper 4: General Studies 3- 250 Marks

  • Technology
  • Economic Development
  • Biodiversity
  • Environment
  • Security and Disaster Management

Paper 5: General Studies 4- 250 Marks

  • General Studies
  • Ethics
  • Aptitude

Paper 6 and Paper 7: Objective Subject Paper 1st & 2nd- 500 Marks (Total)

Agriculture,Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science Exam Syllabus,Anthropology Exam Syllabus,Botany Exam Syllabus,Chemistry Exam Syllabus,Civil Engineering Exam Syllabus,Commerce and Accountancy Exam Syllabus,Economics Exam Syllabus,Electrical Engineering Exam Syllabus,Geography Exam Syllabus,Geology Exam Syllabu,History Exam Syllabus,Law Exam Syllabus,Management,Mechanical Engineering,Medical Science,Phisolophy,Physics,Political science and engineering subjects,Psychology,Public Administration,Sociology Exam Syllabus,Statistics,Zoology,Public Administration (Pub-ad) Exam Syllabus,Mechanical Engineering Exam Syllabus,Medical Science Exam Syllabus,Philosophy Exam Syllabus,Physics Exam Syllabus.

Also select one of the languages ​​(Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Konkani, Maithili, Malayalam, Manipuri, Santhali, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and English) as an optional submission Can.

IPS is selected on the basis of

Friends, as told to you earlier, Indian Police Service – IPS, which we also call IPS, is selected through the Civil Service Examination conducted by UPSC every year.

Those who pass the exam are allotted service based on their total marks and “service preference list” and selected candidates are sent to Mansuri and then Hyderabad for one year training.

There, prospective police officers are given training in Indian Penal Code, Special Law and Criminology. These officers are also given physical training here, there is also an examination and they have to pass that test only after that the candidate is selected as Assistant Police. As a superintendent.

What is the difference between IAS and IPS

Friends, many people do not know the difference between IAS and IPS, because of this, they remain confused about IAS and IPS, for which post they should study.

  • Friends, the full form of an IAS is Indian Administrative Service, it is the highest post of civil service, below it is the post of IPS.
  • And an IPS takes the responsibility of maintaining law and order and preventing crime in its area, while an IAS officer applies the law made in Parliament to the state.
  • An IPS is appointed for posts like SP, DIG (DIG), IG (IG).
  • As an IAS, candidates are heads of various ministries-departments or districts.
  • There is no dress code of IAS, they are always in formal dress but IPS always have to be in their uniform at the time of duty.
  • An IAS will get one or two bodyguards while the entire police force stays with the IPS.
    During training, those who topped in IAS training are awarded Sword of Honor to those who topped in Model
  • and IPS Training.
  • IPS training is more difficult than IAS, IPS is also taught horse riding, parade, weaponry.

What is Salary of IPS?

IPS Full Form 2021
IPS Full Form 2021

Friends, the salary of an IPS can range from Rs 56,100 per month to Rs 2,25,000 per month according to the seventh salary. This Salary varies from different posts.

  • Deputy Superintendent of Police

15,600-39,100 (Grade Pay Of 5,400)

  • Additional Superintendent of Police (DSP)

15,600-39,000 (Grade Pay 6,600)

  • Superintendent of Police (SP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)

15,600-39,000 (Grade Pay 7,600)

  • Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP)

15,600-39,000 (Grade Pay 8,700)

  • Deputy Inspector General of Police or Additional Commissioner of Police

37,400-67,0000 (Grade Pay 8,900)

  • Inspector General of Police (IGP) or Joint Commissioner of Police

37,400-67,000 (Grade Pay 10,000)

  • Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) or Special Commissioner of Police (SCP)

37,400-67,000 (Grade Pay 12,000)

  • Director General of Police (DGP) or Commissioner of Police (CP)

80,000 (No Grade Payment)

Who is more powerful in IAS and IPS?

This question is in the mind of every candidate preparing for civil service, although both these positions are highest but IAS is more powerful as a DM.

Being an DM, an IAS officer is the head of a police officer as well as other departments, an IPS officer is the head of his police department and is responsible for his department.

The IAS is considered more powerful than the IPS for many reasons because an IPS, while holding the post of DGP, has to report to the Home Secretary, while an IAS officer of the rank of Secretary is the one who reports to the IPS.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (IPS Full Form | What is IPS | How to Become An IPS 2021), so if you have any question related to it (IPS Full Form 2021), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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