IAS Full Form | What is IAS | How to become an IAS – Complete information 2021

IAS Full Form | What is IAS | How to become an IAS – Complete information 2021 : Friends, nowadays there is no shortage of youths who have a dream of civil service, because almost every graduate youth aspires to become an IAS officer, but for this IAS Full Form and What is IAS and how to become an IAS Officer is very important. Huh.

And IAS is considered as one of the best posts in India, so millions of students give this exam every year, but not everyone can pass this exam, only a few selected students are able to succeed in the IAS exam.

Becoming an IAS officer is not a child’s play as it is very hard work and dedication to achieve success in this field is important, so if you dream of becoming an IAS Officer, then first of all you should get IAS Full Form and What is IAS and how to become an IAS Officer. So let’s get to know without delay: –

IAS Full Form

IAS Full Form 2021
IAS Full Form 2021

Friends IAS Full Form: – Indian Administrative Services (Indian Administrative Services) which is called Indian Administrative Service in Hindi. The recruitment of IAS Officer is done through UPSC i.e. Union Public Service Commission through Civil Service Examination.

After independence, the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950, the same year the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducted the first examination for IAS and other Central Service in which a total of 3647 candidates participated. India’s first male IAS officer was Satendra Tagore and India’s first female IAS officer was Mrs. Anna Rajam Malhotra.

What is IAS Officer 2021

IAS is an important and prominent service of Indian Government, although this service was started in 1893 but it was not known as IAS but the Indian Royal Service. A year before Freedom, it was re-formed in 1946 under the name IAS and Civil Service was seen as the hallmark of India’s governance since independence.

IAS is one of the most prominent and hard exams in India and every year UPSC conducts this exam, however every year UPSC conducts examination for a total of 24 services which includes IPS, IAS, IRS etc. After clearing, candidates are sent to different zones such as DM, SDM, in addition there are many more posts which are given after passing the IAS exam.

Friends, each IAS officer has different work in his / her own zone, so if you guys are also planning to take the IAS exam, then it is important for you to know firstly what is the qualification to become an IAS Officer. Should be

Qualification to become an IAS Officer


Friends, if you aspire to become an IAS Officer, then you should be a citizen of India only then you can apply for this exam.

Educational Qualification

If you have completed your Graduation from any Government recognized college, then you can apply for the IAS examination, even if you are currently in the Graduation Final Paper, you can apply but the condition is that at the time of checking the documents Till your degree should be in your hand.

Number of Attempts

To pass the exam of friends IAS Officer, it has been determined how many times you can take the exam based on different categories like

  • 32 Years General can test 6 times
  • 35 Years OBC can take the exam 9 times
  • There is no limit for SC / ST.

Age criteria

To become an IAS Officer, your minimum age should not be less than 21 years and the maximum age has been set differently for different categories.

  • Age Limit for 32 Years (General)
  • Age Limit for 35 Years (OBC)
  • Age Limit of 37 Years for SC / ST

If you have the above mentioned qualifications, then you can apply for IAS. After a few months of applying, you have to sit for IAS Preliminary Examination, so before applying for IAS, you should also have information about IAS Selection Procedure and Syllabus.

Complete knowledge of IAS Officer selection process

UPSC Full Form 2021
IAS Full Form 2021

To become an IAS officer, you will have to go through three exams, first of all you will have a preliminary exam, this exam is only of qualifying nature and if you pass this exam then you will be called for the main exam and If you clear the main exam then you will have the last and most special exam.

That means, after clearing the Prelims and Mains, you will have an interview, then let us know what will be the Syllabus of the preliminary and main examinations, because without knowing the syllabus, you cannot succeed in this exam in any case.

Complete information of IAS Syllabus

Friends, there will be two papers in IAS Prilims Exam and both papers will be of general studies as well as 200, 200 marks i.e. that there will be 400 marks papers consisting of Kulul, out of these two papers will be only qualifying paper.

In this Paer you will have to bring only 33% mark and based on the mark of paper 1 only, the cut off of your prelims will be made if you cross that cut off and you are able to take 33% mark in paper 2. They become eligible for the main examination.

IAS Prilims Paper-1 Syllabus- 200 Marks

  1. National and International Current Events
  2. History of India and Indian National Movement
  3. Indian and Global Geography
  4. Natural, social and economic geography of India and the world
  5. Indian politics and governance – Constitution, political system, panchayati raj, public policy, rights issues etc.
  6. Economic and social development, poverty, inclusion, demography, social sector initiatives etc.
  7. Vivid Issues on Environmental Ecology, Biodiversity and Climate Change.
  8. general Science.

IAS Prilims Paper-2 Syllabus- 200 Marks

  1. Perceptibility 2. Interpersonal skills, including communication skills. 3. Logical ability and analytical ability. 4. Ability to decide and analyze problem problem.5. General mental ability. 6. Basic numerical ability, numbers and their relation (Data Interpretation, Chart, Graph, Table, Data Adequacy, etc.) Keep in mind that all these questions will be of class X level.

Friends, now comes the turn of the main exam. So let us also know that the syllabus of the main main exam is a bit deep and elaborate. The main examination basically consists of 9 papers, in which marks of 7 papers will be added to the final merit ranking and the remaining two papers will be qualifying nature papers and the qualifying paper will have 2 papers named Paper A and Paper B.

Complete information of Paper A

Friends, in this you can choose any language you like, which is added to the eighth schedule of the Indian Constitution. There will be 300 marks in total in Paper A, out of which you have to bring 30% marks. It is important for you to know that there are some states whose candidates are not required to give this exam, Paper A’s Syllabus is as follows.

Comprehension Of Given Passege

In this, you will find an article or story, you have to read and understand it well after that you will get some questions which will be given below that article, now you have to answer those questions based on that article.

  • Presic Writing

Friend, your writing skill will be checked in it, you have to write an article on the topic that will be given to you.

  • Usage And Vocabulary

In this, you have to use the right words in the right place in the post.

  • Short essay

Friends, we have all been writing essays since childhood and in this section you will have to write Short Essay as is being known from Heading.

  • Translation From English to the Indian Language

And in this you will get some sentences which you have to translate in English or from English in your chosen language.

Complete information of Paper B

Friends Paper B will also have 300 marks in total and to pass, you have to bring at least 25% marks i.e. 75 marks. This paper will be of English Language. The Syllbus of Paper B is as follows.

  1. Comprehension Of Given Passege
  2. Presic Writing
  3. Usage And Vocabulary
  4. Short essay

Now it comes about the Papers with Ranking Ability, as we have already told that for the final election of IAS, it is very important to perform well in 7 of the 9 papers of the Mans. Ranking of the candidates is done on the basis of the number of these 7 papers and they were called for interview.

Course of Ranking Papers

  • Paper 1 (essay) – 250 Marks

Friends, this is an essay paper. In this, you have to write an essay on the given topic. You can write essay in any language of your choice.

  • Paper 2 (General Studies I) -250 Marks

General study questions are asked in this paper from inside certain topics. In total there are five subjects in it, that is Topic – Indian Heritage and Culture, World Geography and History and Society.

  • Paper 3 (General Studies II) -250 Marks

Friends, General Studies II paper also contains questions of General Studies. The subjects of this paper are governance, constitution, politics, social justice and international relations.

  • Paper 4 (General Studies III) -250 Marks

It is also a paper of general study but its syllbus is different. The topics of this paper are technology, economic development, biodiversity, environment, security and disaster management.

  • Paper 5 (General Studies IV) -250 Marks
  • Paper 6 (optional subject paper I) -250 Marks
  • Paper 7 (optional subject-paper II) -250 Marks

There are altogether 48 subjects in the optional subject of IAS and out of these 48 subjects, you have to choose any one of your favorite subjects. Both these papers are very important and do a lot of mater for Final Selection.

And before you choose an optional subject, you should make sure that your subject is the best in which topic and in which topic you will be able to perform the best. Because it is not important that the subject from which you have completed your Graduation or simply say that in the graduation, which was your Horns Subject, you should choose it as an optional subject.

According to your interest and talent, you can choose a good topic for this. Both the optional subjects carry 250, 250 ie Total 500 Marks. The 48 subjects are as follows.

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Economics
  4. Sociology
  5. public administration
  6. Psychology
  7. political Science
  8. Agriculture
  9. Animal husbandry
  10. Anthropology
  11. Botany
  12. chemistry
  13. Civil Engineering
  14. Commercial
  15. Electrical engineering
  16. Geology
  17. Law
  18. mathematics
  19. Management
  20. Mechanical engineering
  21. Physics
  22. medical science
  23. Statistics
  24. biology
  25. Philosophy
  26. Assamese
  27. Bengali
  28. Bodo
  29. Dogri
  30. Gujarati
  31. Hindi
  32. Kannada
  33. Kashmiri
  34. Konkani
  35. Maithili
  36. Malayalam
  37. Manipuri
  38. flag
  39. Nepali
  40. Oriya
  41. Punjabi
  42. Sanskrit
  43. Santali
  44. Sindhi
  45. Tamil
  46. Telugu
  47. Urdu
  48. English

Complete information of Personality Test Interview

IAS Full Form 2021
IAS Full Form 2021

Friends, if you perform well in the main examination and are able to get a better rank, then you will be called to be added to the interview or interview and the personality test will be 275 marks, in which you will have to perform better for the final election. The more points you have to get.

And talk about the questions asked in the interview, then basically your personal thoughts and intelligence will be tested in this and you can be asked such questions on which to listen to even the best-minded people.

But instead of being nervous, if you show a little thought and understanding with a cool mind, then you can answer those questions and successfully win in the last battle of success.

IAS Preparation Cost

Friends, a good bank balance is required to become an IAS, and if you live in a backward area, then the cost increases even more, if the matter is of a city like Fast, there is a lot of relief in the expenses.

Within the expenses, you will have to manage the expenses of Coaching, the cost of Study Materials, if you stay coaching in a different city, then you will have to manage the expenses of food, the expenses of test series etc. If you talk about the overall expenditure, then the total cost can be from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

Friends, in Coaching for optional subject, you will have to spend at least 45 to 60 Thousands, in addition to applying at least 15 Thousands for the Test series of Preliminary and Main Examination. It will cost at least 20000 to do separate coaching for some courses like Essay, C-SET, Compulsory Paper of English and Regional Language. Let the cost of the remaining study material be at least 30000.

We have not only added the separate expenses on current affairs and magazines, apart from that we have also left room rates and transportation expenses because the situation is different, talk about coaching and fees of different coaching institutes. If it is more then you guys can set it according to your convenience, we have given an overall account of the remaining Fees.

Friends, now comes the duty. Do you know that if you become an IAS officer, what will be your responsibilities?

IAS Officer Liability

The task of an IAS officer is to implement government policies after being posted in his / her area and conduct daily affairs while acting as a mediator between the public and the government. According to our Research Law and Order under an IAS law, He is responsible for revenue administration and general administration, besides an IAS officer.

  1. Act as executive magistrate
  2. Legal and order maintenance.
  3. Collection of revenue and functions as courts in revenue cases.
  4. Work as Chief Development Officer (SDO) / District Development Commissioner.
  5. Supervising the implementation of policies of State Government and Central Government.
  6. Visiting various places to monitor the implementation of policies.
  7. Supervision of public policies expenditure according to the criteria of financial ownership.
  8. IAS officers at various levels like Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary, etc. contribute to the policy formulation and decision making process and give final shape to the policies.
  9. To handle the daily affairs of the government including formulation and implementation of policy in consultation with the in-charge of the Ministry concerned.

Friends, you must also be thinking that if an IAS officer performs so many responsibilities, then surely he will have a lot of powers and rights. Now let us know about the rights of an IAS officer.

Rights and powers of IAS Officer

IAS Full Form 2021
IAS Full Form 2021

Friends, an IAS officer is the most influential person in the entire district. He guides every department of the district, be it the Police Department or the Health Department and also the IAS officers of all the ministries in the center, irrespective of the ministry.

And this service created by the British is also called the Heaven Born Service. It is said that the more difficult it is to enter this service, the more difficult it is to remove the person of this service. If you become an IAS Officer, then you will be given the following designation Will be officer.

  1. s. D. O / S D. M / Joint Collector / Chief Development Officer (CDO)
  2. District Magistrate / District Collector / Deputy Commissioner
  3. Departmental commissioner
  4. Member Board of Revenue
  5. Chairman of Board of Revenue
  6. Election Commissioner

Apart from all this, an IAS officer is the head of public sector units. In general language we can call an IAS officer the king of a district. All the legal and illegal proceedings take place according to them, if an IAS officer can change the body of a district in a few days.

Do you know how many IAS Officers are there in our country? If not, then let us know. In our country India, the total number of sanctioned posts for IAS is 6500, out of which 5004 posts have been appointed so far and 1496 posts are vacant.

Complete information of IAS Officer Salary

During Trainning: An IAS officer gets basic pay – 56000, D A – 2800 during training i.e. around 58800 rupees in total.
After trainning: After training, an IAS officer gets a good salary. Let us tell you that the salary of an IAS officer starts from 56100 and goes up to Rs. 25,000 for a cabinet secretary like Apex.

According to IAS Officer Salary Grade

  • Junior or Lower Time Scale: The officer of this Scale gets salary from 15600 to 39100 as well as Grad Pay 2400. The positions covered within this grad are – SDM, SDO
  • Senior Time Scale: The IAS Officer of this Scale also gets a pay scale ranging from 15600 to 39100 but their grade pay is up to 6600. The posts that fall within this grade are DM, Collector, Joint Secretary of any Government Ministry.
  • Junior Administrative: IAS officer of this Scale also gets salary from 15600 to 39100 but his grade pay is up to 7600. The posts inside this grad are – Special Secretary, Head of Government Ministries.
  • Selection Grade: This Scale is more salary, its officer gets Salary from 37400 to 67000 and Grade Pay is 8700. The posts that fall within this grade are – Secretary of a minister.
  • Super Time Scale: The Salary of this Scale ranges from 37400 to 67000 and Grade Pay 8700 is the post within it – Secretary of the very important department of Government.
  • Apex Scale: Fixed salary of 80000 is available in this Scale and no Grade Pay is received. The posts falling within this grad are – Chief Secretary of the States, Central Secretary in charge of various ministries of Indian Government.

How to prepare for IAS 2021

Start preparing early

Friends, if you want to develop your Career in Seriously Civil Service, then you people should start your preparation in at least 19 years.

Mock test is also very important

During your preparation, you should not ignore the Mock Test by mistake, in fact the study is as important as the Mock Test. You should keep applying the mock test according to your time table in between, by doing this, you will get an idea of ​​your preparation.

Choose books carefully

Friends, in your study, this will also make a big difference in how you select books. You should always chosen the Authentic Book of a good writer.

Keep solving previous years question papers

Keeping solving previous years question papers on time-time, not only will you get the idea of ​​exam pattern, as well as you will continue to learn something new and your study quality will also be good.

Attached to Newspaper, Tv, Magazine

You have to read the regular newspaper, listen to the news in Tv and if possible, keep reading some quality magazine as well as you can use Newspaper like The Hindu, Indian Express and BBC or DD News bulletin.

Start with NCERT

If you have to prepare for civil service, then there can be no better start than NCERT, you should understand the basic concepts of syllabus before NCERT and then go into deep.

Set time table

Good Time Management The biggest identity of a good student is when you clear your basic concept and enter deep study, then first set your time table.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (IAS Full Form | What is IAS | How to become an IAS – Complete information 2021), so if you have any question related to it (IAS Full Form 2021), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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