How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021 : Friends, today we are giving you complete information about it in this article. How to rank article on top of How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021 and Search Engine? If you want to rank all the articles of your blog at the top of Search Engine, then for this you will have to write SEO Friendly Article.The main objective of writing SEO Friendly Article, is to optimize Blog Article according to Search Engine. So that Search Engine can easily understand and rank your content.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

Friends SEO Friendly Article is an article which we optimize according to the search engine so that our article can be ranked at the top of the search engine. Writing articles is a bit hard for everyone in the starting time, and in such a situation, writing SEO Friendly Articles is even more challenging.

But after reading this article, you will learn to write SEO Friendly Article. Because here we are sharing 18+ tips about it with you. By following all these tips, you can easily write SEO Friendly Article. So let’s know How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021:-

Do Keyword Research

Friends, whenever you think of writing an article, do a proper and good research of Topic and Keyword before that. Before writing an article, you have to know the topic on which topic you want to write the article.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021
How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

After finding the topic, you have to do related Keyword Research with that topic. If you write an article without keyword research, then you cannot optimize that article. If you want to rank your article on the top of Search Engine, then you have to do keyword research before writing an article.

The better way you use keywords in your article, the better will be the quality of the content of your article. But your article will be able to optimize as much. Most of the New Bloggers completely ignore Keyword Research, and do not consider it necessary, which is their biggest Wrong. You cannot rank any article without Keyword. Therefore, it is very important to do Keyword Research.

Write High Quality Content

Friends, if you have knowledge in your content, then today or not, tomorrow your content will definitely rank at the top of the search engine, and you will also get traffic from that content. You must have heard “Content is King”. Content is everything in blogging. If you want to succeed in Blogging, then you should write high quality content.

Content should always be written keeping users in mind. Write the content in such a way that the user after reading it thought that what I wanted was found.

Write content in Depth

Friends, any user will always want that on every site on which he reads the article, he will get complete information on that topic. So first of all, understand that whatever topic you write an article, give full information about it in that article.

If users go out of your article and go to another site’s article, then it means that there is no in-depth information in your content. This has a very bad effect on your site on Search Engine and the ranking of your articles may also fall. So always make a habit of writing in-depth content.

Friends, In-Depth Content means that whatever information you want related to the topic you write, tell about all of them. Apart from this, include important QNA related to that topic in your articles.

Keep the length of your article at least 1500 words. Always think of writing long content. If you write long content then you can easily cover any topic in-depth. But people make wrong meaning of long content. To increase the length of the article, people start writing the world and story of frivolity in it. While you do not have to do such a poet either.

Writing a long article does not necessarily mean that you overstep the useless things, readers are upset and they do not like to visit your site again. Write only information related to Topic in the article. Share your experience and tell all information directly and in easy words. Keep your things absolutely right and simple. Google also likes long content and in-depth content only. Therefore, keep this special care in mind while writing an article.

Do On Page SEO well

Friends, while writing the article, you have to do proper and complete on-page SEO. If you want your article to reach more and more users, then for this you will have to work on on-page SEO.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021
How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

You have to give high quality content in your article, and a high quality content is the same which is fully optimized for readers as well as search engines. So that your Content can also rank on Search Engine and reach more and more users.

Any optimization you do on that page while writing an article is called on-page SEO. Such as – title, meta description, keywords, permalink image alt tag h1 h2 h3 interlinking and something else.

Write Original & Unique Content

Friends Article should always be Original and Unique, you have to take care of it the most. Whenever you write an article, share your ideas and experience in it. Never copy a word of anyone.

Let us know that Google and the rest of the Search Engines also like Original and Unique Content and rank them as well. So if you want your content to rank at the top of Search Engine, then you always have to write Original and Unique Content.

Whenever you write an article, do a good research and get information about that article before that. You can read Top Rank Articles through Search Engine and analyze them and take Idea from there.

But don’t think of copying anyone’s content ever. Rather try to write better than them and keep the content absolutely original and unique.

Use Quality Images

Friends, you must use at least one image in your articles and that too should be a quality image. Having images in the article gives a boost in traffic. By using images, your articles will have a lot of benefits. With this, your article will rank in Google Search Engine as well as Google Images and this will result in traffic ink.

You probably know that, an image is worth a thousand words, so use at least one image in your article. Google also puts the image at the top and gives first priority. Before uploading any image in your article, fully optimize and compress. So that your image can become quality.

You will use a Featured Image in each of your articles, but at the same time share the necessary screenshots related to the content. But use more images only when needed, do not upload images without meaning.

Images should also be original and unique. So always use your own made image. Never copy another’s image. If you are a beginner, you can create a free image from canva.

Use video

Friends, you have to add the content of every format in your article. Whether it is text, images or video. With this, your article becomes more engaging.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021
How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

To create a video, you do not need to buy any gadgets separately or spend Paise. Nor do you need to take an expansive camera. You can create a video from your mobile and upload it to your blog.

Video You can upload directly to your blog or you can also embed it from Youtube. If you also have a YouTube channel then this will be a Bonus Point for you. And if you do not want to make a video and you do not even have a YouTube channel, then you can search and add that topic’s video from Youtube. But please write the source and short details of that video below.

Forbid grammar mistakes

Friends New Blogger often make this mistake. Many bloggers often make this mistake in the process of publishing articles quickly. Whenever you write an article, write it very leisurely. Do not make haste at all.

Due to grammer mistakes and spelling mistakes in the article, it reads bad effects on the ranking of the blog. In such a situation, Blog’s SEO is also down. Don’t make a spelling mistake in the article at all. Before publishing the article, read the whole article thoroughly, and rectify all the mistakes in it.

If there is a mistake while writing the article, your browser marks it with a red line, so that you know that there is a spelling mistake. And you can improve it.

BOLD Important Words and Related Keywords

Friends, you must BOLD all the necessary words and Keyword in your article. This makes your article look even more attractive.

You have to bold some important BOLD and Focus Keyword in your article. This will also make a big difference in your article. But keep in mind one thing that you do not write any word or Keyword repeatedly in the Sentence of your Article for Ranking. This will make your article boring to the reader and SEO is also bad.

Always Focus Up Your Reader

Friends, if you want your Article Search Engine to be ranked at the top and get more CTR, then you will always have to write an article keeping your research in mind. The first thing you need to know is what do your readers want? What are they looking for? Then write an article according to them. Always write an article focusing on your audience, not your business.

If you are writing an article just to rank on Search Engine, then you should understand that your article will never rank in this way. Algorithms of Google Search Engine do not work this way.

Be the first to know about your readers, what do they like? What do they want Build Connection with them and be sure to give feedback from users in each of your articles. And let us tell you, it is clearly written in Google’s Quality Guidelines, that you should always write pages and posts not for Search Engine but keeping users in mind.

Use Keyword in Title

Friends, definitely keep the focus of your article in the keyword title and try to use the Keyword at the beginning of the title. This will optimize your title for Search Engine.

Use power words in title like – top, best, instant, fast, quick, powerful, amazing, ultimate, extreme, etc. Apart from this, use numbers like – top 10, 11+, 20+, 51+, 101+ best etc.

Do not keep the length of the title more than 60 – 65 characters. Always write the title in such a way that the users become attracted on seeing it and they are forced to click. To write SEO Friendly Article, you have to use Keyword on the title of your article. Always use long tail keyword and avoid using short tail keyword.

Use the Keyword in the first and last paragraph

Friends, if you want your article to rank at the top of the search engine, for this you will have to add the keyword in the first and last paragraph of your content along with the title.

But friends, you also have to take special care that you write your keyword in a natural way. Do not intentionally write the boat repeatedly in your content. It is against Google’s Guidelines. This reads a negative impact of your blog in the eyes of Search Engine. Therefore, do not use Keyword deliberately again and again.

Use Keyword in Heading and Subheading

Friends, in addition to the title in your article, you have to use Heading and subheadings in a proper way. Let us tell you that it is important to pay attention to the title as well as the headings and subheadings in all the articles of the blog.

As you may know, the title (h1), heading (h2) and subheadings (h3, h4) of the article are in the tag. Just as it is important for the title to be seo friendly, similarly the heading and subheadings are also very important to be seo friendly.

Therefore, you have to use the keyword in the title and subheadings along with the title of your article. Most readers read only Heading and Subheading in the article and there are very few readers who read the rest of the content. In such a situation, if you want readers to read your entire content, then you have to write sey friendly as well as catchy heading and subheading.

So in this you have to use keywords and try to keep the keyword at the beginning of the heading. This makes the article’s seo even better.

Use Keyword in Permalink

Friends, you will create a link to your article, that is, if you create a permalink, then you also have to add the Focus keyword of your topic. You also have to optimize the permalink of your article according to the search engine. If you write anything in permalink, then you will not be able to rank your article in the search engine.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021
How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

So whenever you write an article, you must also write the keyword in its permalink and always keep the permalink short. You cannot use space to separate the words written in the permalink of your article, so here you have a high pin (-) To be used to separate words.

Use Keyword in Meta Description

Friends Meta Description is a brief overview of the content of your article, which forces visitors to click on your article. If you want to get more views on your article, for this you will have to pay more attention to your title as well as Meta Description and optimize it.

To better optimize the meta description, you have to use the Focus Keyword of the title of your article. If you use Target Keyword and Related Keywords in Meta Description, then your article may have been at the top of the Search Engine and in Search Result those keywords become bold, which attract the attention of visitors.

Use LSI Keywords

Friends, do Keyword Research before writing an article and after selecting a Keyword, find the related keywords of that Keyword, and use it in your Article. This is called the LSI keyword.

That is, the keyword or similar keyword related to Topic is called LSI Keyword. Perhaps you know that whatever article you write is not only ranked on your Focus Keyword, but it also ranks on other keywords related to it.

Therefore, whenever you write an article, not only the Focus Keyword in it, but also use the related Keyword i.e. LSI Keyword along with it. You will find many tools on the Internet to find LSI Keyword.

Use Images Alt Tag

Friends, be sure to put “Attribution Tag” on the images used in the article. Using Alt Tag, your article will rank on Google Images along with Google Search.

You must add at least one Quality Image to all your articles and also fully optimize that image according to the search engine. Follow these steps for image optimization:

  • Before uploading the image, please rename it.
  • Upload only after compressing images.
  • Try to keep the image size under 60 kb.
  • Use high quality images.
  • Compress the image, but the focus should be on quality.
  • Always use Alt Tag
  • While renaming the image, use high pin (-) instead of space in it. Like – How-to-Write-SEO-Friendly-Article-2021.jpg

Internal Linking related articles

Friends, if you are a blogger then you must have heard the name of bounce rate. If the bounce rate of your blog is high, then it can spoil the ranking of your blog. The longer the readers stay on your Blg, the lower the bounce rate of your blog will be. Therefore, you have to add a link to the previous article in your articles.

But if you want to keep the reader on your blog for a long time, then add a link to the previous article related to your article. By doing this, the Bounce Rate of your blog is reduced and visitors stay longer on your blog. .By doing this, the value of your blog in Search Engine increases. Therefore, link related articles with the same topic to each other and make your article SEO friendly.

External Linking Regarding Related High Quality Sites

Friends, many bloggers think that, why should we give link of other site to our blog? But they do not know that their blog has a lot of benefits by doing so.

How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021
How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021

If you give the link of top authority high quality sites to your blog article, then Seats Engine brings your site up. Because doing this shows that you have provided a great information in your article with the help of various sources and by doing this the value of your article increases in the eyes of the search engine. But you just add the link of the website to your blog article which is popular in search engine as well as whose DA – PA is high. Like – Google, etc.

Write articles in short paragraphs

Friends, you write your article in small paragraphs. Avoid writing long paragraphs. Because the reader is bored due to too long paragraph and gets kicked out of the site. You tell me, if you are given a page, in which the whole page is filled with a single paragraph, then you will not feel like reading at all.

On the other hand, if the content written on the same page is written in 10 short paragraphs, then you will read easily and your heart will also be engaged in reading. So always write the article in small paragraphs. Finish a paragraph in only 3 lines and if there is more than 3, keep the paragraphs of 4 lines at most. Do not do more than this.

Forbid keyword stuffing

Friends, Keyword Stuffing means to deliberately write a Keyword repeatedly in your article. If you do this, then understand that your article will never be able to rank on the first page of the search engine. If you think that writing more keyword than necessary will boost the search ranking of your blog, then you are absolutely wrong. This reduces the ranking of your content even more.

By doing Keyword Stuffing, your article becomes spam, unnatural and useless. You should keep the density of the keyword from 0.5% to 1.5% in your article. To know more about Keyword Stuffing, you can read the guidelines of Google webmaster.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How to Write SEO Friendly Article 2021), if you have any question related to it (How to Write SEO Friendly Article), then you can read the comment below. , I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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