How to Start A Blog In 2021 [Earn $1000/Month]

How to Start A Blog In 2021 [Earn $1000/Month] : Friends, today we will tell you How to Start A Blog In 2021. Many people search many times on social media and Google how you can do How to Start A Blog In 2021. But friends are half incomplete Only you can get information. They are not told completely how you can start your new blog and make it Successful. Today we will tell you completely through this article How to Start A Blog In 2021.

Friends, it is not important to worry you, this whole procedure is very easy. Just you have to read and understand the entire information carefully. Then it is not important for you to search anywhere or ask for help from anyone, how can you start your new blog. Let us know how you can create your own blog (How to Start A Blog In 2021).

How to Start A Blog In 2021

How to Start A Blog In 2021
How to Start A Blog In 2021

First of all, you have to be fully prepared whether you really want to Blogging or not. We are saying this because blogging is not an easy task. In this, you have to work hard because friends, many people come to Blogging after seeing others (Starting a Blog In Hindi) but cannot see what they like to do.

But it is also true that if you really like blogging then no one can stop you from being successful in blogging. Let us know how to make a blog.

Prepare for blogging

We will clear one thing Blogging can be done in 2 ways. One, you can do it on your computer or laptop and second that you can do it in your personal mobile too. You do not need any computer or laptop.

Because Google company has put an App on the Play Store named Blogger (Blogger and WordPress) to run Blogging for Mobile. So do not worry that you do not have a laptop or computer, you can also blogging from your mobile.

Choose the right Niche for your blog

To blogging, you have to decide which Niche you want to work in. In easy language, say on which topic you want to make your blog. Let us tell you that there are two types of Niche.

  1. Micro niche
  2. Multiple niche

In this Micro Niche, it happens that you put only posts related to a topic on your blog. Suppose your blog is related to cricket. So you will only write information related to cricket on your blog and Multiple Niche is spoken to them, who write information on their same blog on many topics. Suppose you have a blog and if you write Bollywood, news, sports posts on it, then your blog will be called Multiple Niche.

Friends, this is the difference between Micro Niche and Multiple Niche. You have to decide which Niche you will work on for your blog. We will only ask you to make a blog related to that topic, on which you like to write, on which you are more aware.

Because if you write the same topic on your blog after seeing others, then after some time you will start getting upset and bored. That is why you have to choose the same Niche on which you can always write.

Choose a Blogging Platform

Let us tell you that there are two types of Blogging Platforms.

  1. Blogger
  2. WordPress

You have to decide on which platforms you want to blogging on. If you do not have that much budget right now and you are completely Blogging New, then you can work on Blogger which is free platform. If you have some investment then you can work on WordPress platform.

We will tell you that if you are in the initial phase, then you work on Blogger. When you have been doing some time while blogging and you have understood a lot of informations in Blogging, then you get transferred to because you will get to see a lot more options, with the help of which you can rank your blog in Google And can bring traffic.

Choose a Domain Name

This thing has to be read and understood carefully. This is the very main point for your blogging. Friends, you have to choose a domain name for your blog that registers your blog. If your blog is related to cricket, then you must take Cricket Word at the beginning of your domain. As an example, if you understand that your blog is related to Movie, then you have to take a domain that contains Movie Word.

You have to take such a domain which can be imagined in the mind by listening. Write in such a normal words that once you remember it, the Benefit of the domain is very important to your blog and your ranking. There are several types of domain registration such as: –

  • .com
  • .in
  • .net
  • .xyz

The best domain extension for blogging is .com. Please do this for your blog. com extension only. Because this party is more powerful than Extension and it is given a lot of importance in the eyes of Google.

There are many blogs through which you can buy Domain Name for your blog. Like Godaddy, you will get a domain name between 500 and 800 from this site. If the offer is running on the blog then you will find it much cheaper.

Get a Web Hosting Plan

If you do blogging or want to blogging, then you have to get a web hosting for your blog. If you make your website on Blogger Platform. So on Blogger you get Hosting Free for your website.

Because this platform belongs to Google which is absolutely free. Also you get Domain in it. But if you create your own blog on the WordPress platform. So you have to take hosting for the website. You have to take hosting from any such website for your website, which you can blindly trust. So that no hard can come in your website.

Friends, today we will tell you the Best Web Hosting Company. Hosting with friends, in language, hosting is as important for our website as its made for a house. The way a house stands over it because of its strong neem. In the same way it is very important to have a good hosting website.

If you have seen any Hosting Cheap for your website. This can be very bad for your website. If we take any useless hosting for our website, then it happens that the load time of our website increases very much, the website opens in Google in a very late time.

When there is more traffic, our website cannot handle that traffic and goes down. This has a very bad effect on the ranking of the website. That is why we have to keep in mind that we have to get the best hosting for our site. If your blog is new, you have just created the site. So you should take Shared Hosting of your website.

If you are a New Blogger, then this hosting will be very good for you. Because there is not much traffic on your website in the starting phase and Shared Hosting is in your budget, Shared Hosting is cheaper than others. This hoisting is cheaper than the rest of the hosting because a lot of people stay connected on this hosting server.

As the name suggests, Shared Web Hosting. I.P. of All Site The address remains the same. That’s why Shared Hosting Starting is good for the people. But after a few months, if traffic has started coming to your site more and the ranking of your site has also increased more than before, then it is time that you visit your website. Change the server.

That is, the hosting has to be changed because the former Shared Web Hosting cannot handle this much traffic. There are many website hosting companies that will be very good for your website. No matter how much traffic it will handle your traffic.

Best Web Hosting Companies

Friends, whatever we have told you this Best Web Hosting Company. It can easily handle the traffic of any website. All these providers have different packages. You can get service for your website according to your own. With its help, you can increase the Ranking and Load Time of your site.

Starting a blog on WordPress or Blogger

Friends Blogger which is from Google is absolutely free. You can create a blog without spending a penny by signing up in it and can write a post on your blog. You do not need to buy anything, neither Website Hosting nor Domain.

You only have to sign in by going to Blogger from your Google Account. Then you have to choose the name of your blog. Then your site is ready for the initial phase. Now you can write your post. Whatever name you suck, after that will be written, because it is Google’s Free Product, then it will be written in it. Let’s understand with an example, Suppose you name it, then the name of your blog will be (

Friends, you have to buy Domain as well as Hosting. Because you will not get free hosting nor domain. First of all, you have to take the domain, then you will have to take hosting from any site.

Then you will get a cPanel Account in Hosting, by going there you will have to install WordPress. Then you will get the User Name and Password for WordPress. After this you can go to WordPress and write a post and design your site. Friends is not free, only then you will get to see a lot more options in it.

Select the WordPress Theme to design your blog

  • Generatepress Theme
  • Newspaper Theme

Suppose you have created your blog on WordPress and you have also connected your Domain and Hosting. Now you will need a Theme to make your blog look good. The more beautiful Theme will be on your site, the more users will like your Site Active and. Friends is present in thousands of Theme Free on WordPress.

You must first go to the Dashboard of your WordPress Account. After that you will see an Option Appearance in Layout. Then after that Option of a film will be seen, by clicking in it, many themes will come in front of you.

Then you have to search in search bar whichever team you want. The best theme is Newspaper, Colormag. Friends, this is both Theme Free and is very good, you can easily design it. After searching in the Search Bar, you have to install it and after installing it you have to activate it so that the theme of your blog can change.

Then you have to refresh your site and your theme will change completely. A new look will come in your blog. Friends, we have just mentioned the names of the two themes, it is very easy to design them. After activating the theme you have to come back to your Dashboard again and then you will see the option of Customize under the theme.

You have to click on it and with the help of Drag and Drop you can design your own theme. You can also change your categories or create a new one. This whole process is very easy. It is important for you to do it carefully.

Write Content with On Page SEO

How to Start A Blog In 2021
How to Start A Blog In 2021

You must first write an article of a thousand worlds. The bigger your article, the greater the chances of getting its rank. You will see the option of a plugins on the reverse hand by going to your WordPress Dashboard, you have to click on it and as you had installed and activated the theme, you Yoast or Rankmath in the search bar) and then you have to activate by installing one of these two plugins so that you can do On Page SEO for your article.

After doing all this, you will have to write 1500 Words Articles. Then to rank your Target Keyword to do (On ​​Page SEO), you have to repeat your Keyword in the Description and Meta Description along with the title of the article.

Also, you will have to write your Target Keyword in Heading 1 and Heading 2. Along with your first paragraph and second paragraph also you have to write the bold of your title. Whatever Keyword you target, you will have to write that Keyword in all these places. Another thing to note is that you will also have to give your Target Keyword Post in the URL. You have to keep all these things in mind. Let me assume that the On Page SEO of your post is done. Also, you have to give two images in a post.

Do Of Page SEO

It is very easy to do Off Page SEO of your post. You have to do backside work for your website to do this. To do Off Page SEO, you have to share your post on Social Media Platforms. You have to take help of Social Media. Like Facebook, Quora, Instagram, all these platforms you have to use to share your post. So that you can view your post.

Because friends do not have a website, it is very difficult to get initial views on it. That is why it is very important for you to share your post. You can also take help of YouTube to share your post. After doing all this, you can appeal to the big website to put your post on your website. You can guest post on the website of others. Which site needs to be written a post. And you have to provide a link to your site.

This will mean that whatever traffic will come to that website, it will reach your site through a link. This will help you in getting initial views.

Promote your blog and earn money

So far, you have created your blog and have written a good article on it as well as on On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. Now it is the turn that you have to promote your website, that is, you have to promote your website and bring traffic.

Because everyone knows that bringing Organic Traffic to a new website is very hard. So you have to promote your website. There are many ways to promote your blog. You can also do this by paying money and you can do it for free. We all do this because we have to earn money from our blog, if traffic does not come to the website, then what are the benefits of creating that blog when we cannot earn money from it.

First of all, know how we can promote your blog by paying money: Friends, we can promote your blog by advertising on YouTube by paying money. We have to create an account on Google Adwords which is Google. Then we have to run Google Ads campaign by paying some money. So that our Blog Add can reach people. Many biggies do the same on Youtuber.

Now let’s talk about how to promote your blog without paying money: Friends can be promoted without paying money, but it takes some time and you should be patient in it. There are many online platforms that help you You can promote your blog. Such as,, Web 2.0,, Facebook, Instagram. Friends, you can take support of all these social media accounts.

You have to create your own personal account on all these platforms. Then you have to post on all these platforms related to your blog and share in maximum quantity. This is a very good and easy way to get the initial traffic on the blog. Nowadays everyone uses this platform to promote their blog.

You are not sure, but by using these platforms, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website. There is so much traffic in this way that you cannot even bring your site by doing an Ad Campaign. You just have to write a related article from your post on all these platforms and at the same time you will have to give a link to your blog on these social media posts. So that visitors can reach your website through Link.

Medium and Quora both these websites are enough to promote your website. Nowadays people are using these two blogs a lot to bring traffic to their blog. Friends now talk about how you will earn money from your blog.

How to earn money from blogging

Google Adsense Approval Trick 2021
How to Start A Blog In 2021

Now let’s talk about how we will earn money from our blog or website. Suppose now traffic has started coming to your site. Along with this, 25 to 30 articles have also been published on your website. Now you have to create an account of Google Adsense which belongs to Google Company. Also, you will have to add your website to it, which website you want to monetization.

Let us tell you that we do all this so that AIDS can also be seen on our website or blog. Because till the ads will not show on our website, we cannot earn a single rupee from blogging. When a viewer clicks on any of the ads on our website, then we get some Amount and that Amount gets added to our Google Adsense Account. is. And when we get $ 100 on our Google Adsense Account, then that account is transferred to our Bank Account.

Now let’s say that you have added your website to Google Adsense and have also applied for monetization as well. Now you have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks.

So that Google Company can review your website and can see if your site is ready for it. If you have written all the articles with your hard work then no one can stop you from getting Google Adsense Approval. Within one or 2 weeks you will get Approval and after getting Google Adsense Approval, you can place ads on your website.

Whenever the viewer comes to your blog and clicks on any of the ads, then you will get some money on your Google Adsense account. As we have told that on completion of $ 100, this Amount will be transferred to your bank account. Whichever Google Adsense Account you have linked your Bank Account to, Google will send this money to the same account. Google Adsense always sends money between 21st and 26th to the Bank Account.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How to Start A Blog In 2021 [Earn $ 1000 / Month]), so if you have any question related to it (How to Start A Blog In 2021), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

Important Blogging FAQ

What is WordPress?

Friends WordPress is an online open source website creation tool, written using PHP Programing Language. In today’s time, if told, this is the easiest and most powerful Blogging, Website Content Management System. Thousands of themes and plugins are available to manage the website in this Content Management System.

Everyday, these questions are searched in the Internet that What is WordPress? So let me tell you that this is an open source website making tool that works to make an online website. Written in PHP and MySQL, it was created by Matt Mullenweg and was launched as Open Source on 27 May 2003.

Like WordPress, there are many more Content Management Systems, Free Open Source, such as: – Joomla, Bootstrap, Tumblr, Drupal. But the most used and popular among people is CMS WordPress.

What is Basic Seo?

Friends, if you understand Basic SEO well, then you will go on growing step by step and will also understand the secretes of being successful in blogging. If you have just come into Blogging, then basic information of SEO should be important.

What is Technical SEO?

After Friends On Page SEO and Off Page SEO, what is considered very hard and important is the technical SEO of your blog which has a big effect on your blog or website. Easy means of technical SEO means to make some such changes in your blog and server i.e. optimizing them so that the search engine can understand it with Easel.

The more search engines can understand your blog, the more your chances of getting Search Ranking Improvement will be.

What is Off Page SEO?

How to Start A Blog In 2021
How to Start A Blog In 2021

Friends Off-page SEO can talk about the ways through which we increase the authority of the domain and it completely depends on the backlinks taken from the Quality Website. It is considered important for Off Page SEO.

At the same time, Google also sees how many websites have given backlinks to your blog and how much is the authority of the website giving backlink. The thing to note here is that if the number of Backlinks is small but their Qualified is very good, then it is enough for your Blog. At the same time, if you create thousands of links but their quality is not good then it is useless.

I want to give you a tips here that if you do not want to work too hard in Off Page SEO, then you should strengthen your On Page SEO so much that you rank your post with that. Quality Backlinks are received only when we provide some special content from our blog to other websites or I provide content.

Because what is the most important thing in Blogging and what we can tell about it is the content itself. If you write quality content then you will see that other websites will automatically connect your content to themselves and will also give you batting from there. Are called Natural Backlinks.

What is Local SEO?

Friends Local SEO is done to get the website ranked in a particular city or area. With the help of this, your business can be promoted in any area or city and your website can be ranked on Google.

When your website will be ranked with the help of Local SEO, then it will start appearing on the first page of Google. With the help of Internet, people will be able to reach the business easily and in such a situation your business will start to grow.

With this you can easily promote your business and you can do it absolutely free. You will be curious to know how we can do it absolutely free, in today’s post, we have done some such things Talked about it in detail. Friends many things happen in our area. Like friends, Restaurant, Hotel we know about them through Google.

To get this kind of information, you search for “best restaurant near me” or “best hotel near me”. By doing this search you can find restaurants and hotels near you according to the location. Your business and your product on Google To show the top first, many types of techniques are used. Which is commonly called Local SEO.

Is blogging really worth us?

Friends, this is a great question, friends, is blogging really worth it or not. The answer is absolutely worth it. If you work from the Blogging Field, no one can stop you from making a future in the Blogging Field and you never have to give up.

There are many people in India who have made their mark in the whole world as well as the whole world through blogging. Whether your blog is English or Hindi, it does not matter. Just what you write on your blog, it should be helpful for the reader and that means that one should get to learn something by reading it.

As we have told you below, this is the Best Blogger in India. With the help of his blog, he has made a mark in the whole of India and he also earns a lot of money from Blogging. Is it correct to say that Blogging is really worth it. It is not important to spend money anywhere to learn you.

Spend money without sitting at home through their blog and through Youtube. You can learn Blogging completely and you will have to spend your initial days learning Blogging. If you start getting blogged by getting half the incomplete information, then you She is making a big mistake and because you will have trouble going forward. So you have to learn blogging in the initial days only by practicing it.

What is Guest Post?

Friends Guest Post is also called Guest Blogging. As it is known by its name that a guest means to visit someone else’s house. In the same way, guest post means to write a post on another blog or website.

Let us tell you, Guest Post is the best and best way to increase traffic. Guest Post or Guest Blogging gives your Blog and Website a good Search Engine Ranking. This gives you and your blog a lot of benefits. By guest post, you can make a different and better identity in the eyes of other popular blogger and other people, so that its full benefits slowly start appearing on your blog.

What are Backlinks?

A lot of people are delighted when someone comes to the Blogging Field to know what Backlink is and how it works and how to create Backlinks for your site. Today we are going to tell you the answers to all these questions. Let’s know how to make What are Backlinks and Backlinks ?.

Backlinks have said that the link of your site which is linked to someone else’s site is called Backlink. In easy language, let’s say that there is a website on which there is a very good article and a lot of traffic comes to read the article on that website.

Simultaneously, if the link of your website page is given on that article, then if the visitors click on the link of your website given on that article, then they will reach the page of your website. And your site will also bank quickly and will become good in the eyes of Google. Friends, this is what we call Backlink. Even then you must have known that what is called backlink. Let us tell you that you like your site with the help of big Blogger Backlink and bring traffic.

Backlink is a way through which your blog or website can have many benefits. The link of your website is given on the home page of another website or in an article. So traffic will start coming to your website and your website will be ranked soon. Just you have to pay attention to which website you are making backlink from, that website should be very good.

Because suppose if you create a backlink from a wrong website, then it can also harm your site. Like suppose a porn site or a downloading site, if you create a backlink, it can cause a huge amount of damage to your site. Will deliver. Because such a site is very bad in the eyes of Google and very bad. You never have to create a backlink from such a site.

You have to make Always High Quality Backlink. Which side is very popular or the site whose value is very high in Google, you have to make the right backlink. This will rank your website running. Just one thing you have to note is that the site from which you are creating backlink should also be your Niche site. That is, with whom you write a post on your website, you have to make a backlink from the same website.

Suppose your blog is related to cricket sports, then you also have to make backlink from any other cricket related website. Even we learned that What is Backlink and from which website we have to make Backlink and from which website. At the same time, let us tell you that Backlink is of many ways.

What are the types of backlinks?

  1. Do Follow Backlink
  2. No Follow Backlink

What is Do Follow Backlink?

As we told you earlier that there is a way to go from one website to another, that work does a link and the gender belongs to your website. For example, if a post is from another website, if it has a link to your website or home page, then you will get a backlink from there. Which is also called DoFollow Backlink.

To make a backlink, you have to add a link of your website to a website, whether you do it in the post of its website or somewhere on the Hkme page. And from there, when someone clicks and comes to your website, it is called Do Follow Backlink and as an example, tell you, DoFollow Backlink is like this.

<a href=””> Link Text </a>

What is No Follow Backlink?

No Follow Backlink does not play any role in ranking your website nor does it add any value to Google’s Search Engine. Such backlinks do not benefit your website. But to some extent, such backlinks benefit your website. For example, by creating a backlink like this, the value of your website’s profile increases slightly.

Because if you make Do Follow Backlink in very large quantity for your website. So Google feels that you are doing this deliberately, because many people make a lot of Do Follow Backlink to rank their website quickly. Due to which Google also Penalizes them.

Another benefit of No Follow Backlink is to assume that there is an article on your website on which there is a link to someone else’s website and the traffic of your website is also going to the traffic through that website. Can add NoFollow attribute to. With this, the link of your website will not be able to go to that website and by giving an example, we tell you.

<a href=”” rel=”NoFollow”> Link Text </a>

How to Create a Backlink?

Now let’s talk about how to create backlinks for your blog. Friends, all the new people who come in Blogging do not know how to create a backlink for their website. Everybody has to create a backlink for their website so that they can rank their website quickly and bring visitors. That’s why backlinks are very important for your site.

There is no limit to creating a backlink for your website. You can create as many backlinks as you want, but you have to keep in mind that you only have to create backlinks from a very big and famous website. If you do not make thousands of backlinks from a small thick site or a downloading or spam site. Your blog will not have any benefits from it, on the contrary, it will harm your website and you have to keep this in mind.

By guest posting
How to Start A Blog In 2021
How to Start A Blog In 2021

Nowadays people are following a famous way of making backlink. All these days, people are making backlink for their website. That way is called Guest Posting. Nowadays many people make backlinks in this way. This means that you have to request on a very popular and big site, whether I can write a post on your site. This is where Guest Posting goes.

In Guest Posting, you have to submit a guest post on some other website, that too by writing something. Somewhere in easy language, you are promoting your website on the website of others. This way is effective when the site in front is very popular and big. Due to which the visitors of that blog can learn about your blog and you slowly by reading your written article, and if you have given a link to your site in that article, then the visitors there will come to your website. This process is called Guest Posting and through this you get backlinks.

By Comments

The second way, which is very easy and effective, through which you can create backlinks for your website, that way is Comments. You just have to pay attention that you have to comment on the same blog which is related to your blog. You just have to comment on a post by visiting the respective websites from your site. Along with making comments, you have to give your name, email address, and also a link to your website, by doing this, your website has no follow Get the link. Which helps a lot to bring visitors to your site.

When the owner of a website approves your comment, then your comment starts appearing on his website. With which you get No Follow Link. Friends, you will have to execute both these methods and create a backlink from a very good site for your website.

We hope that you have come to know how to create High Quality Backlinks for your site. At the same time, you will have to write very big and good articles on your website so that you can give information to people through your article and people will like that information and due to which their help also. If you do this then you will The number of users on the site will start increasing gradually and people will like to come to your site.

Intention of Making Blog

An important question that if you know, then no one can stop you from moving forward in the Blogging Field. You have to ask your mind why have you come to the Blogging Field? What is your intention in coming to the blog? Do you want to come to Blogging Field after seeing someone or do you really want to make your career, it is very important to understand and know you.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you want to come to the Blogging Field and want to become a carer, then your intention should be very clear. You should understand whether you have come to help others or to earn money. Friends, we all do some work so that we can earn money by working hard on that thing.

Friends, but at the same time you have to keep in mind that if your thinking is to earn money completely. So maybe you can never be ahead in Blogging Field. Whatever work you do, do it with heart and perseverance. You have to put forward your interest in what your mind wants and what you like to do.

Because if you want to come to the Blogging Field after seeing someone, then you can hardly move forward. But if you like to give information to others and help others, then you have come to the right field, because you can help people through your blog and can provide them new information. If you like to share your knowledge, then believe me, better field than blogging cannot be for you.

Just you have to clear your intention why you want to blogging and whether this field is made for you. Everybody can do blogging and everyone can earn money, but for that your intention should be clear. If you do this after seeing someone and without thinking that you want to earn money, hardly you will be able to earn money from Blogging. That is why you have to fully understand your intention why you have to do blogging.

Myth of Blogging World

  • The second biggest delight that bothers everyone in Blogging Free is whether blogging on WordPress would be right or Blogger?

Friends, a lot of people think that by blogging on WordPress, we get beneficial and the website likes it quicker than Blogger. We need to clear one thing here if you have the power to comment and people from your written article Help is being received, so even if you are on Blogger, your website will be ranked on Blogger itself and your website will be able to earn very good money.

You have to remove from your mind that our website ranks on WordPress only. Here, let us tell you one more thing that Blogger belongs to Google’s company.

In which you do not have any thing to think. Google attaches great importance to the blog written on Blogger in Google Search Console. So you have to remove it from your mind that it is better to create a blog on WordPress than Blogger. Suppose Blogger is free and does not have so many plugins, but then you can rank your website with Blogger, just your article should have power .

  • Many people think that if we want to earn money from Blogging, then there should be more posts on our blog and a lot of traffic should come on our blog?

It is absolutely wrong to think that if you want to earn money from Blogging, then there should be a lot of traffic on your site and there should be too many posts and it is absolutely wrong to think that to earn money in Blogging, more traffic is not important and you Only to write a lot of posts. You just have to pay attention that you have to write an article on the same keywords whose Cpc is very good.

If you do not write any article, but there is no CPC or it is very low, then you will get nominal Earning from whatever traffic you bring. You have to pay attention that you have to write big articles on High Cpc Keywords. . Even if its Search Volume is less. But if his CPC is very high or simple then your blog can give you a lot of money. Therefore, you have to write big articles on the same Keyword whose CPC is very high or simple.

If you write a large amount of articles on your blog, then there is no use for it, no matter how much traffic comes on your blog. If its CPC is very low, then you did not say that at all. That is why you have to keep in mind that you write articles on the same Keyword whose CPC is normal or higher.

First let’s talk about the myth that puts everyone in trouble in Blogging and people start asking questions everywhere,

  • How many articles does Google Adsense give to Approval so that we can place ads on our website and start making money?

Let us tell you that even if there are only 15 to 20 articles on your blog, Google will still give Adsense Approval to your website. But here one thing is worth noting that all the posts on your website are very Should be valuable and helpful for users. So that whoever gets your article, it will get good information from there so that it can help. If you write an article till 15 of this method, then it is enough for Google to give Adsense Approval to your website.

But if you have written any post on your website, but it is not an Article Approval and they do not have any information at all, then you will not give Google Adsense Approval. Because it will want to show its AIDS on the same site through which the site Are getting information and helping people. Because Google is very intelligent.

So you have to keep in mind that you have to write very valuable articles on your website so that people can help, and when you get 15 to 20 posts and why light traffic is not coming, then you can go for Google Adsense Is all set.

  • Friends, the fourth delight is that many people have doubts whether we can write anything on our blog?

The answer to this question is no, friends, whatever ever comes to your mind, do not write it on your blog. You have to see your visitors, what they want from you, which information they want to know more, you have to write an article related to it on your Blog. Because if you write anything on your blog from your mind, then the bounce rate of your website will be greatly increased.

By increasing the Bounce Rate, your side will be very low in the eyes of Google. Because Google will feel that the visitors do not like the information of this website, so you have to keep in mind that what information your visitors want from you is searching for which information. All these things you have to keep in mind, you do not have to write anything like this on your blog.

Keeping all these in mind, if you write, then only your blog will be famous. If visitors like visiting your website and only then you will be able to earn money from your blog. You never have to think that whatever came in my mind, I will write on my blog.

  • Many people think that blogging is very easy

Blogging is very easy, it is very wrong to say. Blogging is easy only for those who are made for blogging. It means to say that if you have come to Blogging after trying on someone’s instructions, then you can never move forward in Blogging.

Friends, you should come with a strong mind for this. You should come from inside thinking that yes it has been made for me only. If you have come into Blogging by looking on Youtube or on any social media platforms and you do not have the mind from inside, and you are forcibly writing an article on your blog. But if you do not like to do this then believe me Blogging is not for you.

But if you want to do something from inside, you like to write and provide information. You get great pleasure in helping people. You can help people and focus in Blogging. You can build a relationship with your visitors and you can work hard. So believe me you are made for blogging only.

  • What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization, with the help of this, you can rank your blog / website or any of your pages on the first page of goggle. Because seo is very important to get organic traffic. By doing seo, our website ranking on the first page in google, which brings organic traffic to our blog / website and that also keeps increasing. In which SEO is very important.

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