How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021

How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021 : Friends, today all of us have a website or Blog. So that we can share our information with everyone on Blog. We all make blogs. Also in today’s post, I have given many information related to How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021.

So that you can do some online earning. Friends, when we create a blog or website, the most important is How to Rank Blog On First Page . Today we are going to tell you how to rank any blog or website on Google‘s first page.

Friends, the main purpose of making our blog or website is that how easy our Blog Post Rank will be and the traffic on our website should be increased. But this is not the case, it is very hard to work hard after ranking a blog. Ranking any First Page Blog is very hard.

And like you have created a blog, so many other people also have the same mind. That is why a lot of blog or website is being built now. How many blog websites are made in a day. But friends, this is not surprising. You have to keep faith on yourself and keep working.

As we are talking about How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021, today we will tell you about all the ways of to rank a blog first page.

How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021

How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021
How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021

To rank friends blog or website, you have to do On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and Technical SEO. Which we are going to explain further and SEO means Search Engine Optimization. We have given complete information related to What is SEO . You can read this article to know.

1. Do SEO for Blog or Website

Friends is the most important thing to rank Blog or Website first page. On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and all. Let me tell you that Technical SEO is very important. Technical SEO is more useful for everyone to rank the blog or website on the first page and now you will also be told the meaning of Technical SEO. Let us know in short: –

What is Technical SEO?

Friends Technical SEO is that when we do everything from creating a blog or website to publishing a blog post, it comes in Technical SEO and while creating a blog in Technical SEO, choosing Time Domain, Managing Https, Broken Link is within the technical is.

Technical SEO is the first step in doing SEO. If you do not do technical SEO, then even after doing all the things, Blog Post may not be the first Page Rank nor can it be Blog Rank.

2. Write High Quality Content

To rank friends blog or website, there must be some quality content in it. First of all, tell you that the website is never ranked Rank or Blog or website has high quality content. Therefore, write your blog post properly and also remember that there is no more spelling Mistake, no post rank is not there. is. When writing Blog Post, do Time Keyword Research then write content.

And definitely check Keyword Difficulty and Keyword density in Blog Post. Write as much Quality Content in your Post and it is important to Interlinking in Post.

What is High Quality Content?

Friends, if we understand in easy words, such a content in which the reader gets complete right answers to his asked questions and queries is called Quality Content. Quality content are those which can give correct answers to the questions of the readers and both the search engine and the readers can understand that content very well.

Source Search Engine is the best way to get more traffic on any blog. If there are Quality Content on Blog, then Search Engine Result will be ranked at the top. And which will bring more traffic on it and people will be able to know about that blog. With this, the brand value of the blog increases as well as the public figure of Owner also starts to form.

Let us know that a high quality content is the one that people like and share with their desire. While writing Blog Article, we have to focus on both Writing and SEO. No matter how much SEO you do on low quality content, there will be no benefits.

So while writing an article, always write high quality content and pay full attention to SEO as well. Many factors for writing high quality content are explained below, you can write a good and high quality content by following them.

3. Use Light Weight Template

Friends, when you create a blog and when we have to use a nice Blogger Template or WordPress Theme. When choosing Template for Blogger, you should use Time Responsive, User-Friendly, Blogger Template.

And for WordPress you should use the Best SEO Friendly Theme. Tell you that Blogger or Free Theme for WordPress is also considered very good. If you want, you can also use Template for free.

4. Correct Loading Speed ​​of Blog or Website

Friends, as you may have heard that Google’s Core Update has just arrived. In which it is also shown that for ranking any blog post or site, the website or blog should have good speed.

Because Speed ​​will also be seen to rank Friends Blog. Do not use images of more sizes to optimize the speed of your blog or website.

5. Submit Blog to Webmaster

How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021
How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021

Friends, to do the first page rank of any blog or website, the first thing that has to be done is that it is very important to submit your posts to Search Console means Webmaster Tool.

If there is no index in your blog or website webmaster, the ranking will never increase. Therefore, to rank the blog, submitting the website to the Webmaster Tool is unabsorbed.

6. Share the article on Social Platforms

It is also considered correct to be viral on Social Media Platforms to rank Friends Blog or Website. So after publishing all your blog posts, do share on social media.

And you all will know that nowadays social traffic plays an important role. Because a lot of people come here and roam. Because Instagram is more popular now, you should try to share the blog post on Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, Linkedin and many social media platforms.

7. Use Copyright Free Images

Friends, when we write Blog Post and when we decorate the post, then images are important to us. We start using the image for Blog Post from anywhere. Do not do it even if it is copyrighted images.

You should use the image you have created in your blog post to rank Blog Website for better result, all these things have to be kept in mind. All these things come in On Page SEO.

What is Copyright Free Image?

Friends, if you want to give a good look to your article, then you have to use images in it. At least there should be an images in each post. This allows your article to get good response in Social Media Platforms. People share your post more and more in social media platforms.

But friends also make some mistake in this that they search images in Google Normally. So that he does not see whether the images are copyrighted or not. If you also make such a mistake, then let me tell you that if you use copyrighted images, then its owner will make a case against you. Which may cause your blog to be blocked from some countries. Its Fines are also very high, due to which your blog can be ruined.

So what is the solution? Its solution is that we should use copyright free image in our blog. You can use them for free in your article without any tension. All these are under the Image Creative common license. That is, you do not need to take permission from its owner to use it.

8. Build Your Audience

How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021
How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021

Friends, people who come to Blogging just to earn money, then they can never be successful. Because Blogging is a passion and you have to wait and enjoy this work. You may spend money after blogging after 1 year or sometimes even 2 years.

And in such a situation, many bloggers get frustrated and think that nothing can happen here. As I have said that there is no income in shortcuts in blogging, it requires a lot of hard work and good skills to learn.

9. Create Backlink from High Authority Websites

Friends, as soon as we have created a blog and when Google does not know about that blog or website then how will Google show the post of our site in the top 10 result of search engine and tell you how to rank the website or blog But backlink also has a lot of importance. Let me tell you that you can make backlinks from anywhere. Backlink You can create High Quality Backlink in someone’s blog post through Comment or Guest Post.

What is High Quality Backlink?

Friends Backlink is a type of link through which we can link one web page to another web page. For example, if a web page has a link to Bloggingchoice Blog on which the readers can easily come to Bloggingchoice Blog by clicking, then Bloggingchoice is called Backlinks found by that web page.

And Search Engine gives good rank to web page with more backlinks so all blogger and webmasters try to make maximum and good quality backlink.

10. Always be updated

When you start writing a Blog post by making friends blog or website, then you do not have to stop. Many bloggers do this that they write a post and then write a post after 3 months. But do not do this, but at least to stay updated within the week.

Also, being updated does not mean to update only Blog Post. Friends, being connected with your audience is also called update and when the comment comes on your blog or website, then definitely reply to it.

And being active on your Social Media Account is also called being updated. Also be active on your social media platforms so that you get an update of all your things.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How to Rank Blog On First Page 2021), so if you have any question related to it (How to Rank Blog On First Page), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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