How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021

How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021 : Friends, is your site hosted on WordPress? And have you ever thought about your WordPress security? If not, then think now. According to a report, there are more than 30000 Websites Hack. So, the biggest challenge comes in front of you that How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021. If your WordPress website is also self-hosted and if you still did not reduce their security, your site can be hacked.

Friends, I am going to say the same thing in today’s article How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021. If you reduce your website security a little, then your website will be saved from being hacked. Here in this article I have told some important tips through which you can prevent your WordPress website from being hacked.

Friends, this question definitely arises in the minds of many people. Can it be a website hack? So, if this question arises, then you read this article today this article I am going to give you the answer to all the questions related to being a WordPress website hack, so let’s start.

How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021

How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021
How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021

Friends, you have to take special care of your WordPress website security. If you do not pay attention to the security of your WordPress website, then you can have such a WordPress Website Hack. WordPress itself is also very Secure. But there is no such website in today’s time. Which can not be hacked. Government’s website can also be hacked. So why can’t we and your website.

You know that on today’s time everyone has a website. But we do not pay much attention to the security of our website. When we have a new website and when our website is not so popular. So we do not have any problem with it. If our website becomes popular then there is a lot of fear of our website being hacked. Because the hackers target the popular website and hack it and your burners also get hacked and then they ask for more money from you later.

So friends, we cannot stop Hacker but we can definitely increase the security of our website. And you can secure your website. In which no hacker will be able to hack our website. So we are giving you some tips. You should follow them well.

Friends, one thing in which I would like to tell you the most, it is not easy to hack anything, if you know that a website can be hacked in this way, then you can make your website more secure. Meaning if you are afraid of having your website hack, then you should know what are the methods, then you should pay attention to your website security.

1. Regularly Backup WordPress Website

Friends, this work should be done first, that you should backup your website regularly. Because no one knows when something goes wrong with your website, then the first thing is to be ready for any future problems. If we will have Backup and if there is something wrong with our website, then We can immediately correct our website by restoring our backup.

There are many ways to take backup of WordPress website, through which you can take backup of entire website online and offline. To take backup of WordPress website, you can download Database from Hosting Account and Website Flies from File Manager.

There are some plugins for taking regular backup of wordpress website, with the help of which regular automatic backup of wordpress website is going on. With its help, the website’s Backup Direct can be taken in Google Drive, Dropbox and can also download Backup Offline.

2. Change the WordPress Login URL

Friends, if you have a website on WordPress, then you will know that the URL for login to the WordPress website is If the login URL name is changed then The security of our website increases slightly, because now one has to know the login page along with the URL Name and Password to login.

To change the login URL of the WordPress website, you need to install the WPS Hide Login Plugin. After installing, Option to edit the log in page will also come in Settings> General, in which you can set any URL according to your login page.

3. WordPress User and Their Permission

Friends can also add Multi Users to the WordPress Website, so before adding any user, you must see how much Permission will remain in the website and what they can do. Types of WordPress User and their Ability You can use WordPress. You can check in the article of org. In which details about WordPress Users Roles and Capabilities have been mentioned.

4. Change WordPress Database Prefix

Friends, Default in the WordPress Website which is used in Database Prefix wp, which makes it easy for hacker to table name, I will suggest you to change it. Changing Database Prefix is ​​a bit technical, I will suggest you Before editing anything, take Backup first.

5. Disable File Editing

How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021
How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021

Friends, if the Hacker somehow accesses the files of the website, then he can edit large files easily by going to Appearance> Editor. To avoid this, we can disable File Editing. Friends File Editing To disable it, you have to add the wp-config.php file to your WordPress files and add a code to it. If you have to edit a file, you can use FTP or edit in File Manager in Cpannel.

6. Always keep WordPress website updated

Friends, if any update comes, then it is better than the old version, there may be a deficiency in the old version due to which it can be hacked, then that deficiency can be bridged by updating. Always keep everyone updated on the website and all the plugins you use in it.

7. Use Strong Password

Friends, it is not important to tell me this point, if you are running a WordPress website, then you will know so much, you should use a strong password. To be able to do this, you can also use WordPress Password Generator to create Strong Password.

8. Use Secure Username

Username and Password are required to login to Friendly WordPress Website, you must know this. The first step in securing a WordPress website is to use a Secure Username that no one can guess easily.

Most people put “Admin”, or their name Username in the user, such as “Bloggingchoice“, in such a way that if a hacker is trying to hack your website, then you have made it easy for you to keep your Username so easy Tax.

Friends, keep anything in Username that no one can guess, so that he has to know not only the password but also Username to login. Which is not so easy. If you have selected something like Username that anyone can find out, then change it now.

To change the Username of a WordPress Website, you can edit the User Key Row from your Database, or you can also do it with the help of the Direct WordPress Plugin. For two WordPress Username Change you have to install the Username Changer Plugin. After that you can change Username from the Direct WordPress Dashboard.

9. Do not share blog details with anyone

How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021
How to Protect WordPress website From Being Hacked 2021

Friends, I have seen many Blogger’s Blog Hack happening. Some of them said that Blogger had to share the login details of the blog with someone. Many times User Blog Theme, Database etc. To optimize or to make any necessary settings in the blog, tell the details of the blog to someone else.

Friends Devvelopers, Worpdress Expert, WordPress services providers (fake) etc. These people delete all your data by taking details of your website or make a backup of the data and ask you for money. . So never tell anyone about the details of your blog.

10. Use Good Web Hosting

Installing a WordPress website is very easy, but it is very hard to choose good web hosting for it, because today WordPress Website Hack with very good Top Web Hosting is being started. It is infamous for Hacking which is absolutely right.

Some people take very useless hosting in the case of Cheap Hosting, on which security of their data is 0%. On the Internet, you will find many such web hosting company that offers free or very cheap plan.

Friends, avoid such web hosting companies and when you have to blogging, then take it seriously and select a good web hosting so that your data can be secure. Whose service and security are both better and at present I am using Siteground only.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (45+ Successful Blogging Tips 2021), so if you have any question related to it (Successful Blogging Tips 2021), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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