How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021

How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021 : Friends, every blogger who starts Blogging definitely has a question that How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021 because now the competition in Blogging has become very much and everyone wants to be successful at least in time. So friends, today we are going to tell you such ways that How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time.

Friends, first of all I want to tell you one thing that becoming a Famous Blogger and being successful in Blogging is the same thing. Because when you become a successful blogger then obviously you will also become a famous blogger. I have already told you many articles about being successful in blogging and becoming a successful blogger, some of which is this. But friends, there is talk of not just being successful but success in short time. So we have to adopt some ways that can make our blog successful and popular in short time.

For this, we will have to see what the bloggers who become successful very soon and what mistakes are made by those who fail in blogging. Based on all of them, we have to blogging so that we can avoid making mistakes and make our website and blog popular in the least time.

What is Blog?

Friends Blog is a kind of website where you get information on a Niche in the form of an article. If we try to understand Blog in the common language, then assume that Blog is a means in the world of Internet from where we get answers to our questions.

How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021
How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021

We have to take information about something, then we go to Google and type in it and Google shows us the link to the same blog post in our search results and after that we click on one of them and Questions are answered.

What is the difference between Blog and Website?

Friends are different from Blog, Website like: – Website is a collection of many pages while there are posts on Blog and as Post keeps updating, new posts move up and down. As an example: Take, this is a website where you get to see pages linked from different categories.

So that is the news website of, which we will call Blog, in which every new news or article keeps coming up and the old article goes backward. The blog is usually run by one person or small team, where they give information on the blog in a conversational style.

What is the difference between blog posts and pages?

The thing that the new Blogger is most confused about is the difference between posts and pages. Friends, Blog Posts are constantly updated, as if you wrote a post, it will go to the top and the one that is older than it will be below it, thus the sequence continues. While the pages are absolutely static, which do not change like you have created a page about Me then you will not have to update it again and again, it has become stable.

What is needed to create a blog?

I also told you the benefits of Blogging, so now in your mind, you will definitely want to know what we need to make a blog.

1. An Internet Connection and PC or Laptop

Friends, first of all you have to have a PC or Laptop for blogging. A lot of people ask that can we blogging from Smartphone too? You can definitely do it, but with that you will not feel comfortable writing at all, so I will ask you to use a PC or a laptop. You will always need Internet whenever you work in Blog. So it happens to everyone nowadays, there is no problem.

2. Niche

After this, you have to choose a Niche in Blogging that you want to write on which Niche online. What subject do you know or what are you interested in. You have to think all this before making a blog.

3. Domain and Hosting

Now you need two more things to create a blog, one domain which you will have to buy and secondly you have to buy it as well.

If you are new or a beginner blogging in the field. So you can make your own blog using Free Domain and Hosting. After that, you will gradually learn about Blog, then you can buy favorite domain and hosting.

4.Patience and Dedication

The two things that are most needed in blogging are your will power, how much you are dedicated to your Niche because it can take time to earn money from blogging but you have to work hard everyday.

How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021
How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021

And secondly, it is very important to have patience in you because Result in Blogging is never found in one, two days but not in months or years, so after blogging for some time, you are not getting anything in it, do not leave it because of you, but you Work on what you are doing wrong and keep patience.

How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021

Friends, by following the tips and tricks mentioned here, you can popularize your blog and yourself in a very short time.

1. Do SEO well

Friends, when there will be more traffic on your blog, then obviously your blog will be popular right now, and to bring traffic to the blog, it is important to top ranking your blog in the search engine.

To get top ranking in Search Engines, you will have to do search engine optimization i.e. SEO for your blog. For this, you should use the keywords correctly in the content of your blog post, choose SEO Friendly Title, write SEO Friendly Content. So that it comes in Top Search in Search Engine.

2. Write High Quality Content

Friends, there are so many Blogger here and thousands of Blogger blogs start every day. But there are very few Bloggers who write well and better. If you are able to write better than the rest, then you will become popular in a very short time.

Because friends, on receipt of good content, a visitor will come to your site again and again and this will increase more traffic on your site, which means it is clear that your blog will become popular. Do not write as many bloggers have already written. But write a content that once read, Audience becomes a regular Audience of your site.

3. Blogging in a professional way

Friends, you have to work as a Professional Blogger and not as a newbie. So that people do not ignore your blog because you are staring. Your readers should feel that you are professional and your blog is helpful for them, so that they will get better and new learning every day. This will make you Fast Top Blogger.

4. Start with Brand

Friends, to make a successful and popular blog in a short time, it is most important that you start blogging with complete preparation. For this, before you start Blogging, you should know about Blogging.

And when you have the basic knowledge of blogging, then only start blogging. This article will help you in this, starting Blogging without knowledge is exactly the same as trying to break the bumpy path by tying a black band on the eyes. It can never make you successful.

5. Invest in Blog

Friends, if you want to make your blog popular in the shortest time, then you will have to invest in improving your blog. Only then people will be attracted towards your blog. You should make your blog brand from staring. For this, you choose Good and Best Blogging Platform or WordPress, Theme and Design Blog in Professional Look.

6. Create a YouTube Channel named Blog

Friends, in today’s time people like Video content more than Text content. That is why you should also have a Youtube Channel for that along with Blog.

How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021
How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021

Create a Youtube Channel in the name of your blog or for your blog and make videos that are linked to the content of your post on it. Add a link to your blog’s post in the video and add the video to the post as well.

7. Post from time to time

Friends, if you are writing a diary blog then there is no problem, you can write a post on your blog whenever you want. But if you are blogging for others and above all you have to make people successful in a short time, then you have to write continuously.

Friends, I do not mean that you keep writing 24 × 7. What I mean is that there should be a time to share your post. You have to share the post at the same time. You can write a post every day or in 2 days, in 5 days or in a week. There should be a definite time to share your post so that your audience knows when the new post will arrive on your blog.

8. Use All Social Media Platforms

Friends, social media will help you the most in making your Blog popular in a short time. Active on Social Media Platforms and connected with New New people. Tell them about your blog.

Also, create an account on every Social Media Platforms in the name of your blog and try to connect more and more people to your blog. Use Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram all.

9. Connect with the rest of Blogger

Friends should not be limited to only Audience, but connected with the rest of Blogger like yourself. Talk to them and ask them to link your blog on their blog. You can also do a guest post on the blog of others.

And here a lot of people will be found who will give you Dofollow Backlink instead of writing Guest Posting. With which your Blog’s Search Engines (eg: – Google) will increase the rank and you will get more Organic Traffic.

10. Behave well with Audience

Friends, you cannot make your blog popular in a short time by showing your Attitude. You have to act like the better of the hotel and more and more people will have to connect with your blog. If you write a post and make it public on the blog, then it will take a lot of time for your blog to become popular. Because when your blog is ranked in Search Engine, only then you will get traffic and only then your blog will be popular.

How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021
How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021

But friends, if you become polite like a better and connect people to your blog, then soon the number of people who know your blog will be in millions and Fast your blog will become popular.

11. Write Unique and Best

Friends, the biggest reason for failing in Blogging is to write identically like others. If you want to be successful in blogging in less time, then you have to write different and best and do not copy other blogger. Otherwise people will definitely come to your blog once but (thinking there is nothing special on your blog), will not visit your blog again.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time 2021), so if you have any question related to it (How to Make Blog Popular in Less Time), then you can read the comment below. I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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