How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021

How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021 : In today’s article I have given information about How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos. If you do not know that How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021, then read this article from start to finish. I have shared some important tips here, which you can follow and increase views on your YouTube videos.

What is YouTube?

How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021
How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021

Friends Youtube is an American Video Sharing Website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. In 2006, Google bought it for US $ 10.65 Lakh. This site allows you to upload, view, rate, and share videos, and make comments.

Although YouTube was founded in the year 2005, YouTube is the most popular website among all the major Video Sites on the web today. Millions of videos are uploaded and shared here every day, ranging from movie trailers to home remedies videos and more. Youtube is available in almost every countries and more than fifty languages ​​have been given in it.

Friends, around 5 Billion people watch videos on YouTube and if you want to make any of your products famous then YouTube, after Facebook, Twitter and Google is the best way to promote your Product / Service. YouTube has become the world’s number one popular search engine after Google.

Most topics on YouTube are uploaded by people only. If you have a passion for something like you grieve to cook, then you can make a video of it and upload it on Youtube. In 2016, Alexa Internet has named it as the second popular site in the world. In the year 2014, Youtube said that 300 hours of new video uploads happen on their site every minute.

How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021

How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021
How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021

Friends, in today’s date the matter has gone very far in Youtube Online Business and today it has become a very big video platform. Every day millions of people create new accounts and upload videos in crores. Youtube Time To Time Policy varies. It is not so easy to bring views on the New YouTube channel, so I want to tell through this article that how to easily increase the views on your YouTube channel, it is very easy, you can use it with every video.

If you are a Youtuber, then you can understand how hard a Youtuber works to make a video of himself. First shoots Video, then edits the video shoot and uploads it to youtube after Title, Description, Tags and Thumbnail Add. But friends do not see his videos. The biggest reason for this is that before you publish the video, you do not pay attention to some things and the result does not get the view on your video.

Now I will share some of my experience, which you can follow and increase your views easily on your YouTube videos. So let’s know: –

1. Make a video on Trending Topic

Friends Trending Topics is the topic that people are searching for the most in Present. If you make a video on Trending Topic, then you are likely to get Video Search Results. With which you can get maximum views on your video. You can take help of Google Trends to find Trending Topics.

2. Make Attractive Video Thumbnail

Thumbnail plays a very important role in increasing views on friends videos. If you also want to take a lot of views on your video, then you have to make a very attractive Thumbnail for your video. If you make your Video Content very good. But if the Thumbnail itself does not make it right, then where will the viewer click on it.

You have to pay special attention to Thumbnail and make it quite attractive. Your Thumbnail is the only way on which the user will see your video by clicking. If you want to make Thumbnail from Android Smartphone, then you can download Pixellab App, picsart app, Canva Application from Google play store. In this, you can make Thumbnai of high quality for your video.

3. Write the Description and Tag of the video correctly

How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021
How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021

Friends now have your video description and tags. You have to write about your video in the description, what you have told in the video, that is, what your video is about and in the tag also you should insert the tag that is associated with your video. In your Video Tag, you also put the High Traffic Keyword in sync with your video. It is best to keep the number of these keywords from 6 to 8 only.

4. Share Video on Social Media Platforms

Friends, who does not know Social Media in today’s time. In today’s era, from children to the elderly, social media such as Facebook, Instagram and many more. Let’s use. You should at least share your video on Facebook so that people connected to that platform can see your video. If you do this, you will get a lot of traffic on your video. In today’s time, social media is very good platforms to share anything with people.

5. Create a blog called Youtube Channel

Friends, you create a blog of your YouTube channel‘s name. You do not need to do some searching for this, you can make your blog on Blogger for free and post every video uploaded on your YouTube channel to the blog. By doing this, you will get views on Yourube videos through Blog.

6. Share Video on Pinterest

Friends, share videos on Pinterest directly from your YouTube channel. In today’s time, Pinterest has become a very big platform in terms of photo and video sharing. You will see a lot of videos shared on Pinterest, so share your videos here too. If you share your Youtube Vdeos on Pinterest, then you will also get views through pinterest and good traffic will also increase on your channel.

7. Use the keyword in the title of videos

How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021
How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021

Friends, now comes the title of your video. You have to choose such a title for your video, and add the High Traffic Keyword associated with your video to it. Whose search volume is high and its competition is low. If you do this, then there is a possibility of high traffic on your videos. You can use Keyword Planner to find Keyword for your video. Note that in the Video Title, write the same Keyword as the topic from which your video is promoted.

8. Create a Trailer for YouTube Channel

Friends, make your channel trailer video to make your YouTube videos attractive. Before you publish the videos on your channel, also play the trailer in the videos. So that your video starts to look attractive and the viewer does not skip your video. By doing this, your video will get a lot of Watch Time and it proves to be good for your YouTube video.

9. Focus on Video Content

Friends, if you are a YouTube and you want to get maximum views on your channel, then the first thing is to focus on your videos content. Make such videos on your topic that people favor it.

Do not make your videos too long and edit the videos well. After that you publish your video. Because content is said to be the best for getting views in YouTube‘s world. Friends, therefore, the first thing you do is pay attention to your content. If your content is unique, then no one can stop the video from taking views.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos 2021), so if you have any question related to it (How To Increase Views On Youtube Videos ), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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