How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021

How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021 : Do you want to know that How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page, you have come to the right place today. You can increase Likes but also get great Targeted Traffic for your blog and website.

If seen, Facebook is the only platform after Google whereby you can take a lot of traffic for your website or blog. It is very important that you have your own Facebook Page and on that a lot of Genuine people follow you, who have interest in the topic of your blog or website.

Friends, now you have this question coming in your mind that why make Facebook page separately? We can take traffic by sharing posts on our account as well. So the answer is that you can create only 5 Thousands Friends in your account, while there is no such limit on Facebook page.

Second reason is that you can also run ads from your Facebook page, which has become very important nowadays. So let’s know: –

What is facebook?

How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021
How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021

Friends Facebook Inc. An American Online is a company based on social media and social networks in Menlo Park, California. This website was launched on 4 February 2004. At that time its name was The Facebook. Its popularity increased by the day, and in 2005 it was renamed Facebook. Facebook is a Free Social Networking Service used in the Internet.

Any person whose age is at least 13 years can become a member by registering, he can also connect and talk to friends, Relative and other acquaintances, who are completely free and once become members is. Facebook also provides the facility to work in Hindi with other languages.

Friends can use Facebook from many types of devices that have Internet Connection. Like Computer, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablets, we can use Facebook without any problem. After registering in this, the user can create his profile and include his details like Name, Address Occupation, Name of School or College, Degree Qualification, Status. You can post by writing your thoughts.

Your following and emotions can also reach other people. Facebook gives permission to connect with new friends so that people can add people to their Friend List through Facebook and can message them anytime.

If you want to upload your photo with whom you can share it. I like this feature very much because even today when I see my 1 year old photos, I am happy to remember that time. In this way, Facebook makes us happy by showing our old times.

How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021

How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021
How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021

1. Customize Facebook Page well

Followers cannot grow on a Facebook Page until your page is properly customized. Friends, yes, as you have to keep the name of your page according to the topic of your blog and the username should be the same. Make a note in the bio or description of the page that your page is above the topic, in addition to your Facebook page’s Settings Tab Go and understand each option closely and complete them.

Put the logo of the blog or website in the profile of the Facebook page and make the Cover Photo very attractive as well as meaningful so that anyone who sees that this page gives information above this topic or publishes the post.

2. Promote Facebook page on the rest of the Platforms

Friends can also promote their Facebook page on their Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, linkedin and YouTube channel and can speak to the people there to follow your Facebook page.

Apart from this, you can also put Facebook Page Like Widgets in the Sidebar on your blog so that users coming to your blog can like your Facebook Page from the same.

3. Increase like by running Facebook Ads

If all the above mentioned tips are not able to come on your page, then you can run Facebook Ads up to 1000 rupees. Which will increase the Guaranty Likes on your page.

4. Tell the best friends of School – College

How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021
How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021

Friends, if you study in school or college, then you told your friends to all your Facebook page to increase Likes. This will give you a lot more Likes.

5. Invite everyone to like the page

Friends, if your page is above Blogging and you invite people who are interested in Singing to do Page Like, then they will not like it and will do it by mistake, then why will they read your Blogging related post or Like, Share .

So whenever you create a page on any of your Facebook account, the Facebook friends that you have are going to have interest in your topic. How can you find friends or people like these? It is simple that you look at the big Facebook page related to your topic on their post, who have like, comments, you add them to the Friend list.

Then when you invite those people to like your Facebook page, then 90% people will definitely like it and will also respond to your post.

6. Publish Regular Quality Post on Page

You have to post every three to three related quality posts from your topic to your Facebook page. Quality post does not mean that you are only sharing the post of your blog, you do not get Reach on Facebook Have to share.

Like, share your blog’s post one day in a day, while creating the first post, please describe a little about what the post is about and don’t give any link in the other two posts, just write it for Facebook’s Audience related to your topic, They will get useful information.

You can use Canva to create a good Attractive Post on Facebook, where you get the built-in Facebook posts for free, you just have to modify them according to your own way. Your post will reach more people than you will like and secondly you can also share your post in a big Facebook group related to your topic, which will also become easily approve. This helps your Facebook page to grow. .


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page 2021), so if you have any question related to it (How to Increase Likes On Facebook Page), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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