How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021 :- There comes a time for every Blogger that he has to decide very thoughtfully. Today we are going to tell you that 6 steps to select Perfect Niche for Your blog. With which you too can select the perfect niche for your blog and easily you can become a successful blogger.

Blogging is a very good way, by which you can make income sitting at home. In this, you just have to create a blog or website and write articles in it. After that, people will start coming to your blog slowly. Then you can make income from your blog in many ways.

If you also want to start a blog or have done it, then you have to choose your blog’s niche after thinking very carefully. If you make a slight mistake in it, then it will be difficult to become a successful blogger. Because you know that in today’s time there are competitors in every niche. In such a situation, it will be difficult to win over your competitors if you choose a wrong niche.

So we are going to tell you some important steps below, with the help of which you can select the perfect niche for your blog. This post is important for all bloggers. Looking, if you are a new blogger then read carefully below.

What Is A Blog Niche?

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021
How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

Friends, A Niche is a topic or theme which a blog is all about, This is a single topic all your posts will be round it and Niche is a specific topic which you will be covering on your blog for providing information about the same topic, this will make clear and easy for the others and search engine as well to identify what your blog is all about?

Blog Niche Examples

Here are some blog niche examples that will give you a clear idea about the various niches/Topics.

  • Blogging
  • Cooking
  • Sports
  • Relationship
  • Spirituality
  • Health And Fitness
  • Gossip

Benefits Of A Perfect Blog Niche

Friends, In current time A niche is very important! You should carefully choose your Topic when starting your blog.If you failed to find one perfect Blog niche, you will be in trouble in future. You will not be able to work on that niche because of not having good Information, or the Topic you selected doesn’t have earning potential.

So, all the work will be going to ruin. Here are some benefits of having a blog niche or topic for your blog:

Targeted Audience

Everyone seems to be in search of one thing particular, I all the time seek for the running a blog associated queries so Google reveals me web site associated to running a blog or associated to my question I looked for.

In case you are overlaying a particular area of interest like say I’m overlaying running a blog right here on Bloggingchoice so I’ve an viewers who reads my weblog posts are taken with Running a blog.

And it’s good for me that I writing a publish which helps the individuals who really want them.I’m not saying the people who find themselves studying my weblog posts are solely taken with Running a blog, Possibly, they’re taken with cooking too and so they used to learn cooking blogs too.It doesn’t imply that they don’t seem to be particular fairly they’re focused for each blogs.

Niche Helps In Affiliate Marketing

Buddies, Affiliate Marketing is likely one of the greatest methods to generate income online, for this, it’s important to choose a product which you need to promote in your weblog to earn a fee when somebody buys it out of your Link.

There are tons of affiliate packages which you’ll be able to select to begin incomes out of your blog, all are from numerous classes and have totally different merchandise.

When you’ve got a selected area of interest on your blog then will probably be simple so that you can select the affiliate programs and merchandise to advertise in your blog and begin incomes a commission.

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog?

It becomes a difficult decision for any blogger to choose the right niche. Here we are telling you 6 Easy Steps, by which you can choose the perfect niche for your blog. And you can make more income from your blog. Let’s start with the first step.

1. Your Interest And passion

When you are considering the niche for the blog, then it is the most important thing that you first know about your interest. Pay attention most to the niche on which your interest is.

Remember one thing, once you have chosen the topic of your blog, then for the next several years you will have to research and write on the same topic. Apart from that, you also know that blogging is a long process. You will have to spend more time writing content and discovering the best thing for the readers. You will not have any income for months of blogging. If you continue to work without income, you will be able to succeed in it.

If you have chosen the niche according to your interest and you want to know whether it is perfect for you? So for this, ask yourself these few questions.

  • Do you really like to research and read about that topic?
  • When you will not be able to earn from him for months, would you like to write about him?
  • Would you like to write on the same topic for many years to come without boring?

If you are getting positive answers to all these questions by yourself, then this means the niche is perfect for you.

2. Test Your Knowledge

Before selecting the niche for your blog, your next most important step is whether you have knowledge of the topic?

It is obvious that if you will choose a topic for your blog, then it is very important to have enough knowledge about it from now on. If you have very good information on that topic, then you will be able to explain the readers well in your post. If you do not have information on that topic, then you will be able to write by looking at other blogs. In that, you will not even get a sentence from your exprience.

One more thing to keep in mind that blogging is not about web surfing, putting attracted content in blogs and writing similar content from other blogs. You need to write new and fresh content when you will be called a good blogger.

If you are in the blogging field, then you must know Brian Dean. Why is his popularity so high? So the biggest reason for this is that they generate unique content for their readers, which are very helpful for their readers.

Have you ever wondered why thousands of social shares come in Neil Patel’s articles? And why do their posts always rank well in the search engine? The biggest reason for this is that after them there is knowledge and in their article they explain to the readers according to their experience. His written articles are of 4000+ words and he goes to great depth in his post and explain to the people. That is why their posts are always in good position.

Well, we were talking that you still need to have good information about the topic you are choosing. Now, ask yourself some questions.

  • Can you write at least 20 articles related to that topic without doing research right now?
  • Do you have any unique ideas so that you can share it to your readers?
  • Can you write a 2000+ words article on the same topic right now?
  • Will you be able to regularly share new information on that topic in future?

If you get an answer of yes to the questions mentioned above, then there is enough information about the niche (the topic you have chosen) and you have passed this step and let’s go even further.

3. Check The Level Of Competition

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021
How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

According to, over 8 crore posts are published every day on blogs running on (self hosted) and Now you can understand that there are so many posts published in WordPress alone, then how many posts will be published every day, including all other platforms.

If you have been in this field for many years, then there were only a few Hindi sites 5 years ago. But right now there are thousands of Hindi blogs and websites. From all these things, I mean to say that the competition in blogging is increasing day by day. Now if you select any niche for your blog, there will be many blogs on that niche beforehand.

In such a situation, it can be a bit difficult for you to become a successful blogger. But if you want to beat your competitors, then it can be possible. For this, you have to check DA and PA of your competitor’s site and you have to do more DA and PA of your site than DA and PA of their site. A good way to do this is to make high quality backlink. Also write high quality content and use your post long tail keywords.

Google likes sites whose domain authority is more than 50. If you also want to rank best in google, then focus on DA of your blog. Always try to choose a new topic. And the niche in which the competitors will be, you will have equally difficulty in succeeding.

4. Analyze The Competition

When you select the niche, not only do you have to know the level of competition, but you also have to get the best details about your competitors, only then you will be able to succeed ahead of them. Incoming, if you are selecting a niche with a high competitor, then you have to know about your competitor point by point.

This step will not help you in selecting the niche, but with this you will be able to write better content for your blog. You have to get the following details about your competitors :-

  • What kind of content do they write? Can you write similar content?
  • How often do they publish new posts daily? Can you write as many or more posts of them in your blog?
  • How is the quality of his articles? Can you write better than that?
  • Have your competitors left an important topic? Can you write articles on them?

After knowing all these details, if you get a positive result then you will be able to take your blog to the forefront.

5. Select Multi Topic to Target Audience

Like we had also mentioned above that there are some competitors in every niche. If you want to become a successful blogger easily, then for this you will have to target any niche which has less competition.

There are already many competitors in the niche you want to select and you feel that it will be very difficult for you to move on from them, then you start writing posts on your topic as well as any other topic, in which very few competitors Ho.

Just like you selected “Blogging” as your niche and there is a lot of competition in it, then write post on any other topic in which less competitor and people are interested in it. For example, if you have also chosen Health and Fitness topic along with “Blogging”, then if you do not get traffic from articles with blogging topic then you will definitely get from the topic of health and fitness.

When you start getting good traffic on one topic, then gradually you can also focus on another topic. Later when you have enough audience then you can also focus on any one topic.

This way you can easily become a successful blogger through multi topic. If you have selected niche with high competition then you can become a successful blogger by following the above mentioned things.

6. Profitability of the Niche

Finally, you have selected a niche from which you can gain more traffic and it is not very competitive. But will you be able to make good income from this niche?

There are some niche like this, you can earn a lot of money in less traffic, but the niche is also in which you will not be able to make more income despite having a lot of traffic. I have seen many such sites in which traffic is very less and their earning is in lakhs. Therefore, how much income you will earn from blogging depends on the niche of your blog.

Everyone wants to earn money by making a blog and there will be hardly anyone who works hard in blogging day and night and does not do anything. Therefore, if you have also made a blog, then your target will also be that you can earn a good income from it.

Have you selected a more profitable niche? You can find it easily.

  • When you do some search related to your niche, are there many advertisements show?
  • Do its keywords offer good CPC?
  • When you search keyword related to your niche, then there are many e-commerce websites show?
  • Can you promote a blog related product through affiliate?
  • Can you have a chance to write paid posts?
  • Are your competitors making good money?

When you get the answer of all these questions “Yes”, then understand that you can make a good income from this niche.

15+ Profitable Blog Niche Ideas In 2021

Friends, there is a lot of competition in Blogging in today’s time. If you want to be successful in blogging, then for this you will have to work very hard and learn a lot. There is no doubt that $ 1000 can be easily earned every month from Blogging. But friends, for that you have to first select a right Blogging Niche / Topic in which the competition is very low and at the same time you must also select Profitable Blogging Niche so that good money can also be earned.

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021
How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

There are many such Topic or Niche in which Million Traffic comes every month and on this you do not need to do much content research and SEO. Just you have to give your little time and you can do very website traffic income and can easily earn $ 1000 per month.

In today’s time, if you want to create a new blog, then it is important to be ready beforehand and also have to make a better plan with good blog topics. If you are thinking that Profitable Blog Niche Ideas In 2021 And if you are very much worried, here I am sharing 20+ High Traffic Blogging Niche Ideas with you and all these are very Profitable Blogging Niche.

1. Lyrics Blog

Lyrics of friends, ie “Song Lyrics”, people search a lot. There are also many songs whose lyrics we cannot understand and we search the lyrics on the Internet to understand that song. Lyrics are also a low competition keyword. The Lyrics keyword for those latest songs released is 3 to 4 Millions of the Monthly Organic Searches every month.

If you want, you can easily bring a lot of traffic every month by creating a blog on Song Lyrics. If you want, you can also make it Micro Niche. Like – you can target a language, you can target an artist or singer, or you can target a region like Bollywood, Hollywood, Tollywood and something else.

Friends, the best thing is that writing content on this topic is not important to you. Because the lyrics of any song will be the same on every blog. So you can copy song lyrics from any other blog. You can create Lyrics Blog on new old songs. You just have to pay a little attention to SEO and Content Organization.

2. Quotes Blog

Lyrics Quotes also has many categories like – Motivational, Attitude, Love, Sad, Emotional, Inspirational to name a few. You can also create a Micro Niche Blog by selecting any one category.

This is a very high Potential Topic. Its keywords rank very quickly, so crores of organic traffic also come every month on this topic. Once you check the Analytics of BinaryQuote Website. More than 2 Millions of traffic comes on this website every month.

On this, you can earn millions by making a blog. There is no Tension for writing content, you will get lots of quotes on the Internet, you can copy from anywhere. You can also target any one language like – Hindi, English, Punjabi, Marathi and all others.

3. Sarkari Naukri

Friends, Sarkari Naukri is the best low competition Niche in 2021. If you write an article and want to blogging without doing SEO, then the best Topic or Niche Sarkari Naukri is for you. Because you have to write the details of whatever job comes out, then the content of the article of all the job sites will be the same. In such a situation, you can easily write a little modify in their content.

This topic has a lot of potential. Just you have to be active and as soon as a new job post comes out, you have to write an article on it first. You will not believe that there are many blogs on Sarkari Naukri on which 10 Millions Organic Traffic comes every month.

4. PNR Status

Friends PNR Status has organic searches of 10 Millions every month. If you want to get million traffic on your blog every month without writing content and without doing SEO, then PNR STATUS can be a very good topic for you.

And on this you can earn millions of money only from Only Static Blog Page. There is a website whose DA (Domain Authority) is very down, but despite this the website has 2.9 Million Organic Traffic.

By the way, there are already a lot of websites on PNR Status on the web that write off optimized content without seo off page, and are earning $ 3,000 to $ 5,000 every month without creating backlink.

5. Event Blogging

Friends, creating a blog on a specific event like Diwali, Holi, New Year, Eid, Independence Day, etc. is called event Blogging. This is a topic that does not have searches every time, but when the event comes, there are organic searches in Million. For example, suppose Diwali is an Event. It does not have full year searches. But when Diwali arrives, every day millions of organic searches take place between 1 – 1.5 months before that, 2 – 3 weeks later.

If you create a blog on Event Blogging, you can earn the entire year in only 2 months. So much potential is on this topic. Even here you do not have to think about writing content. You can copy from anywhere.

6. Wishes & Greeting

Friends Wishes and Greeting is one such topic on which every day Lakhs searches happen. Good Morning, Good Night, Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happy New Year, Happy Diwali, and all the rest. There are many such wishes whose organic searches are in millions.

Diwali, New Year, Holi, in this way every month a festival keeps coming and apart from this, people’s birthday and anniversaries have also come. In such a situation, people want to Wish each other, for which they search wishes and greetings on the web.

If you create a blog on this topic, then here too you will not have much trouble in writing content. You will easily get the content related to it from other resources on the Internet, and you can modify them according to yourself and do an article post.

7. Motivation

Friends, Motivate others is a very good thing and when we Motivate someone, we get good Feeling inside ourselves. If someone is able to do any work because of us, then we are happy inside. Let us tell you that even on Motivation, there are organic Searches on Millions every month.

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021
How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

In today’s time, the competition has become so high due to which many people get demotivate very quickly. In this case, they are important for a Motivation Dose. And you must have seen that a lot of traffic comes on Motivational websites and YouTube channels.

If you create a Motivation Blog or YouTube channel on it, success story, motivational story, biography, etc. Like Content Publish. So without much effort, you can get traffic easily in lakhs.

8. Banking Codes

Friends, you will know how many banks are there in India and all banks have their own different codes. No one remembers the codes of the bank and these codes are very useful for the people of Time to Time. Therefore, searches on it are also very high.

As you would know that every bank has its own IFS Code, MIS Code and SWIFT Code. And every bank has different IFSC code, every district has a different MISC code, and every state has a different SWIFT code.

In such a situation, if you create a blog on this topic, then you will not have any problem with the content. In this, you can write a different content on each Bank Branch. There is a lot of traffic on this topic, so you can earn good money from here.

9. Shayari & Poems

Friends, everyone is fond of Shayari and poems i.e. poems are also very much searched and Shayari has searches in millions. If you create a blog on this niche, then definitely traffic will come in Lakhs.

Shayari also has many categories such as Love, Sad, Emotional, Funny, Romantic, and Ovi Bohot. And all these millions of Organic Traffic visit every month. You can create a blog on this topic and for this you do not even need to find content, you can copy it from anywhere and modify it according to yourself.

10. Coupons & Deals

Friends, in today’s time, most people like to shop online and therefore in today’s time Discount Coupons and Deals have started searching a lot. So you too can make a blog on this Niche. If any person goes to buy online then first of all he definitely searches about the related discount coupon. So, if you make a blog on this topic, then you can earn good money.

On Coupon And Deals Blog Niche, you can earn through AdSense, Affiliate, Sponsorship and Direct Promotion in all four ways, so they are Profitable Niche.

11. Regional Blog

Friends, you can also create a regional blog, in today’s time it has a lot of scope. Google also gives more importance to regional blogs. Regional Blog means to create a blog about local language or local area.

If you make a blog on this topic, then you can easily earn good money from it. In this, you can create a blog in the local language of your area, such as Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi, etc.

12. Mp3 & Movie Downloading

Friends, who is not fond of songs and movies. That’s why people search for downloading songs and pictures on the Internet. You will not even know that every month Millions of Traffic comes on Movies Downloading Sites and Mp3 Downloading Sites.

Mp3 Song Download and Mp3 Converter are searched a lot on the Internet and more than 10 Million searches are also done to download movies. In such a situation, if you create a blog on this topic, then you will easily get traffic in Lakhs.

If we talk about the most profitable blog ideas in terms of traffic, then Movie Sites comes at the top. Movie Sites have so much potential that they can generate more than 10 Million traffic every month.

13. News Website

Friends news is also a very high traffic topic. If you create a news website and work on it very seriously for 6 months, then traffic will come in millions on your blog.

Even on this, it is not important for you to be more worried about the content. A lot of News Sites will be found on your Internet. You can copy content from anywhere, just do a little bit of modification according to them.

You also get many options of Incorporated from the News Site. For example, Sponsorship, Affiliate, Advertisement, Ads Media Program (AdSense), you can make money from any one or all of them and if your site is approved in Google News then you cannot imagine how much high traffic you will get.

14. Essays & Speeches

Friends Essay Writing is a very important part of the school education system. Essay Writing is important not only in school but also for growth in many careers. There are different types of searches on the Internet such as essay on Independence Day, Teachers Day, and something else.

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021
How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

There are millions of searches every month on the Internet related to this topic and many people are also earning good money by creating sites on essays and speeches.

If you create a blog on this niche, then you will have to write an article, but you can easily write it with an idea from other resources. Here you will get good traffic, by which you can earn good money.

15. Train Inquiry

Friends, more than 2.5 Millions of people travel by trains every day in India. Millions of these people perform many types of trains every day. Like – train running status this keyword has 2 million monthly searches, sites it has 1.5 million monthly searches.

If you create a blog on train inquiry, then you do not have to worry about content. In addition to writing the train details, you can also create a static blog in which you will have to create a form and people can check the train number, source station and destination station by putting in that form.

In this, you will get traffic very high and earning will also be suppressed. There are many train inquiry blogs which are earning lakhs of rupees from just a single static page. So you too can make a blog on it and can earn more money with less hard work.

16. Wallpaper Downloading

Friends, if you want to create a blog without writing content and want to earn money from it, then most wallpaper downloading topics are for you. Because there is no need to write an article here.

You have to upload only High Quality Images or Wallpapers. You get a chance to earn money from both AdSense and Affiliate here. Because this topic is also available in millions, you can earn good money from here.

17. Apps & Websites

People also do a lot of discussions about friends apps and website. If someone wants to do an application search, he will search either in the app store or in the web browser. Many people review, opinion, how to use, and much more, about apps and websites. Telling about it can bring good traffic.

If you create a blog on this topic, then you do not need to do very high content research in it. You can tell about the top 5 or top 10 apps of different categories. There are millions of expenses every month. From here you can earn good money.

18. Customer Care Numbers

Friends, there are thousands of big companies in India whose products you use like Samsung, Airtel, Nokia, Jio, Bajaj Finance, HDFC, PVR, Flipkart . Whenever you have any problem or issue related to any product or service, you need a customer care number or a helpliine number to contact them. So this Topic also has a lot of Searches. There are already many customer care number websites on the Internet and they are also earning good money. You can also earn good money by making a blog on this topic.

19. Currency Converter

Friends, if someone’s income is from abroad, then he will definitely check the currency once a month. Must have done Inr to Usd Search on his own too many times. There are million organic searches on it every month.

If you are on a blog or YouTube then definitely check the rate of Dollars once a month. Because the stronger the Dollars, the higher will be your income. Similarly, there are many people all over the world who check the currency rate and want to know about it.

If you create a blog on this Niche, then you can earn good money from it because it brings a lot of traffic every month. On this, you only have to give information about the currency, such as which currency is run in which country.

20. Commodity Prices

Friends, you must be wondering which type of blog we can make at commodity prices. So let me tell you that in today’s time, people search for gold, silver price, etc. very much everyday. So you can make a blog about this type of commodity goods.

How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021
How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021

Apart from gold and silver, there are many commodity goods whose rates change every day. For example, pulses, wheat, oil, petrol, diesel, LPG gas cylinders, and so on. The rate of all these varies every day and people search and see when the price falls and they buy.

You can get good traffic by making a blog on this Niche and earn a lot of money. Here also you do not need to write content. Just you have to keep updating old written articles. For which you can take help of other resources.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog 2021), so if you have any question related to it (How To Find Perfect Niche for Your blog), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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