BSC Full Form | What is BSC and Top BSC College India List 2021

BSC Full Form | What is BSC and Top BSC College India List 2021 : Friends, when it comes to choosing a course in college after Hs Exam, we usually see options like B.Tech, BA, BCA, B.Com CA, BBA and BSC and the students who are interested in science are BSC. Let’s choose the option of BSC Full Form and What is BSC and Top BSC College India List 2021.

BSC Full Form 

BSC Full Form 2021
BSC Full Form 2021

Friends BSC Full Form: – Bachelor of Science, which is called Bachelor of Science in Hindi language, it is a Graduation Course and is for students who are interested in science.

If you pass out of Class X Medical or Non Medical, then you become a Yoga to do BSC Course because it is related to science, so it is necessary that you can do this course only if you have passed your studies from Medical or Non Medical. .

Complete information of BSC Course

Friends BSC is a Graduation Course. This course is of two types. One is General Course, there is Professional Course which is of 4 to 5 years. You can do this course in two ways or you can do BSC from General Course. Or can do BSC from Honors Course.

BSC General Course

BSC PhysicsBSC ChemistryBSC MathsBSC PCMBSC ZoologyBSC StatisticsBSC BotanyBSC Home Science

BSC Professional Course

B.Sc BiochemistryB.Sc ElectronicB.Sc GeneticsB.Sc Interior DesignB.Sc NursingB.Sc NutritionB.Sc MicrobiologyB.Sc DieteticsB.Sc MultimediaB.Sc BioinformaticsB.Sc Medical TechnologyB.Sc ForestryBSc AnimationB.Sc AquacultureB.Sc Food TechnologyB.Sc Forensic ScienceB.Sc AviationBSc AgricultureB.Sc PhysiotherapyB.Sc PsychologyB.Sc Nautical ScienceB.Sc Information TechnologyB.Sc Computer ScienceB.Sc Fashion Technology

Friends, there is a slight difference in the subjects in these two courses because if you do BSC with Honors, then you will have to study in depth one of the subjects of your choice and later on you will have to find a career in the same field but if you do your BSC from General If you do, then your main subjects will be 3, as well as there will be a Subject of Environment i.e. in total you will have 4 Subjects.

When you apply for BSC, then you have to first choose which course of BSC you will take such as BSC Computer Science, BSC Physics, BSC Electronics, BSC Mathematics etc. Accordingly you have to complete BSC in different subjects. It falls.

BSC Head Course Information

BSC Full Form 2021
BSC Full Form 2021

You also get different types of Courses in BSC, out of which you have to choose BSC Course according to your choice and interest. Following are some popular courses of BSC.

  • BSC Computer Science
  • BSC Chemestry
  • BSC Mathematics
  • BSC Physics
  • BSC Electronics
  • BSC Economics
  • BSC Geography
  • BSC Agriculture
  • BSC Statistics
  • BSC IT

BSC Computer Science

This is the course for students who are interested in computer and after doing this course, you become a master of computer, after graduation in computer, if you can do a job in a private company and in government sectors. Nowadays there are a lot of Demand of students of Computer.

BSC Chemestry

If you do this course then you get complete knowledge of chemistry, after this, if you want, you can also do MSC or you can also try the job.

BSC Mathematics

Friends, there are two benefits of doing this course, one is you get specialization in Mathematics and secondly, Computer knowledge is also given along with Mathematics. If your marks in Inter are very good in Mathematics, then you can do BSC from Math.

BSC Physics

In this course, all the knowledge related to physics, space science and natural science we get is called BSC Physics. In this course, all three subjects are studied deeply.

BSC Electronics

Friends, in this, all types of information related to electricity such as transistor, diode and all the sources of energy have been studied and after doing this course, you can get a job in both government and private sectors.

BSC Economics

In this course, you are provided with Deeply Knowledge about Economy and after graduation, if you master in Economy, then many work fields are opened for you such as – Macroeconomic Analyst, Researcher, Content Developer, Economic Advisor, Tutor And so on.

BSC Geography

If you are interested in Geography then you can also do this course because by doing this course you can work Geological Assistant, Country or Rural Planner, Environmental Consultant, Landscape Architect, etc. Apart from this, you can try your luck in Government fields too. Huh.

BSC Agriculture

In this course, the production of food items, along with tree plants and animal husbandry are taught about the best techniques. By doing this course you can make a good career in the agricultural field as well as if you have a home in the village or you have Cultivable land is there, after doing this course, you can produce it better by using your ideas in your farming.

BSC Statistics

Friends, in this course you have to study everything related to statistics such as presenting data in a mathematical way, analysis, interpolation etc. If you do this course then you will get a lot of career options for you, Planning Commission, With the Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Indian Council of Medical Research, you can get a chance to work in economic and social computation platforms.


This is a technology related course. If you are good in Mark 12V and you are interested in technology, then you have this course which has the same value as IT Engineering.

We have provided you information about some popular and special courses of BSC above and now it comes that if we do BSC Course, then what is the cost of this course, so let’s know about it

BSC Course Fees

Friends, it can cost from 1 lakh to 1 lakh 50 thousand to do BSC Course. We have given an average fee here because the fees can be less, so it depends on how you are getting admission in college. How much are you spending in coaching, how far is your college from your home, etc.

If you do a BSC Course from a Government College, then you get a lot of benefits because the Government College has the facility of Scholarship and Free Admission based on the financial condition and good numbers in the Government College and the students only get their examination fees in the name of college fees. It is available in every semester, which is only about 2 to 3 thousand but these facilities are available only in Government College.

What are the Admission Procedures in BSC Course

BSC Full Form 2021
BSC Full Form 2021

Friends, you can get admission in this course in two ways, first way in which entrance examination is conducted in Top College and then list is made on the basis of it and second way in which admission in some college is taken directly on the basis of merit. Here you need to know that if you want admission in BSC Course, then you have to pass class XII from Science Stream and your marks should be at least 50% – 60%.

Friends, now the question comes, which are the top Colleges present in our India to do BSC because many students dream that they should study with Top Colleges, hence some Top BSC College List based on Rank is like this.

Top BSC College India List

  • Shobhit University (Meerut)
  • Ewing Christian College (Allahabad)
  • Ferguson College (Pune)
  • Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University (Garhwal)
  • Madras Christian College (Chennai)
  • University of Rajasthan (Jaipur)
  • Sangameshwar College (Maharashtra)
  • Andhra University (Visakhapatnam)
  • Scottish Church College (Kolkata)

How to Distance BSC Course

Friends, if you do a job or coaching and want to do BSC as well, you can do this course with distance education also. This option is also for those people who do not have the means to pay the fees of this course.

Actually, we do not have to attend any class in distance, just by giving exams and submitting assignments, we get degrees and at the same time its Fees are also very less compared to Regular. If you want to do BSC from distance then we will give you like Ignou Can use the institute.

What can I do after BSC

Friends, students who are thinking about doing BSC, this question definitely arises in their mind that what after BSC? Meaning what you can do after BSC like what to study and what to do on the job.

So, let us tell you that after BSC you are open in many fields, if you want, you can prepare to get a job and get a job or you can study further and get a big degree. .

  • B.Tech ie Engineering can be a very good option if you want BSC students.
  • After completing the BSC course, many students prefer to do MSC.
  • If you wish, after doing BSC, you can try for a Government Job and get a Government Job.
  • B.Ed is also a good option for BSC students after which you can become a teacher in college.
  • If your dream is to teach children in school then after BSC you can do BTC course.
  • After BSC, you can do a job in any private company or institute.

What jobs can one do after BSC?

BSC Full Form 2021
BSC Full Form 2021

Friends, BSC is a very old course and after doing this course you get a chance to do a job in a lot of fields, so even today most students choose to do this course, so let’s know.

  • After doing BSC you can become a scientist and also get a job in non-science field.
  • After doing BSC, job opportunities arise in many fields like management, engineering, law etc.
  • After doing BSC, one can work as a teacher in school and college.
  • After doing BSC, you can try your luck in medical field like Research Center, ISRO etc.
  • After BSC, you can go to the areas of defense such as Navy, Airforce) etc.
  • After doing BSC, you have a lot of options open, so people also do B.Sc like Scientist, Scientific Assistant,
  • Teacher, Technical Writer, Lecturers, Chemist, Research, Clinical Research Manager, Consultant, Enumerators, Research Analysts, UPSC UPSC, SSC And so on.

Benefits of Doing BSC

Nowadays, Demand of BSC students is increasing in every field, whether government or non-government, we cannot deny the importance of science in any field, that is why every parent wants his child to study science. Because by doing BSC we have many benefits.

  • There is a part of GK in written tests of every government servants and in this part most of the questions are from science itself, so if you do BSC then you will definitely have a lot of knowledge of science, which will benefit you to pass government examinations.
  • After doing BSC, there are many opportunities for jobs in the private sector for us as well, in such a way, if we do not get a government job, then we can easily lead a happy and prosperous life by doing private job.


Friends, on this post today, I have told you that (BSC Full Form | What is BSC and Top BSC College India List 2021), so if you have any question related to it (BSC Full Form 2021), then you In the comment below, I will try, I will try my best to answer it. To know more and more new information, you can visit our Blog.

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